How to Change Your Twitter Background And Size Guide


The most popular social media forum where a person shares their views and thoughts for free on their profiles is Twitter. It is getting more popular than Facebook, no doubt. Due to its popularity and success, the Twitter has even traded its shares in the open market.
The Twitter also provides the ways to do so many customizations in its users’ profile. They can change the display picture, can change their header, and can even choose the colors for the fonts appearing in their profile. This is a great room of customization that any social media website gives to its users. This is why; Twitter has more points in courts.
Another very unique customization that Twitter offers to its users is that they can change their profile’s background with their own choice. This choice could be of the Twitter’s provided themes or from the personal picture chosen by the user himself. Your followers and other users will be able to see your settings upon visiting your profile.

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Changing your Twitter profile’s background picture is pretty easy.

All you have to do is to follow some easy steps, which are:
– Log in to your Twitter handle.
– On right side, you will see the Settings tab. Click on it and choose Design option.
– There, you will see the section of Customize your own. Click on it.
– On the down side, you will see the option of Choose File. Click on it and upload the background image. The Twitter background image is required to be 2MB of its size. The Twitter provides you with the option of placing it on left, right or centre. You cannot extend the image more than that. When you will upload it, you will see the exact size of your image.
– Down from there, you will see a box with the option of Tile Background. If you check it, the picture will expand all over your background in the tiles form.
– Now, you can decide either you want your image on left, right or centre or where it looks fit.
– If you do not want it in tiles then you can choose some matching color of your choose that will appear at the empty space around your picture.
– At the down side, you will see the box with lots of color options. Choose any color from there.
– After that, you can also choose the white or black overlay of the background picture.
– If you are satisfied with your changes then click on Save Changes.


These are the simple steps that will enable you to change your background image easily.
Please make sure that all of your uploaded images are in GIF, PNG, or JPG format and should be less than 2MB. The large file will not upload it in any way. You can either use some photoshop or resize software for that purpose.
Remember For Header Background Twitter recommends 1200×600 , but it will resize any uploaded image to 520×260 pixels also for  whole page , user background, twitter Recommended size is 1600px width by  1200px height .
Also Remember Profile Picture Size is 73  px by  73 px (80×80 and 4x for boarder ) , Shared Image size is  435  by 375 pixel and Video size preview  in twitter is 435 x 244 px .
You cannot upload any sort of animated images on Twitter background.
For the premade theme, you have to:
– Log in to your account.
– You will go to Setting, Click on Design option.
– Click on to the Pick a Premade theme menu and from many of the themes pick any one you liked.
– After selecting your desired one, click on the Save Changes at the bottom of the page.
You have all new Twitter background settings now.


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