Top 10 Best Smartphone Cameras 2014


Point-and-shoot cameras are getting replaced at a high rate by new Smartphone cameras. As technology is quickly advancing, new brands of phones with new features are evolving providing one with services that are more technologically modified unlike the previous times. Smartphones are found everywhere, thus commonly used.

A major trend is one entailing top handsets quickly reforming cameras with great sensors that outdo the majority of point-and-shoot camera features. The new aspects are greatly contributing to production of astounding images catching the attention of one’s eyes. Major handset makers Samsung and Nokia group created a new technologically advanced frontier on phone photography by adding in some knowledge of the point-and-shoot to the current best camera phone.

In the year2014, new mobile sets have been produced with new and more advanced features. However, in the world of new handsets, things are going and changing in a high rate; new mobile phones arriving, progressing software and hardware updates with slashed prices. Here are 2014 top 10 best smartphone cameras with brilliant performance.

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IPhone 5s
IPhone 5s has a camera sensor of 8-MP which is almost 15 percent bigger compared to iPhone 5. This feature enables it to produce a perfectly clear picture in low light area or even darker places. The other feature is having a lower f/2.2 aperture with a dual LED flash. All these special specifications combined together with its unique feature of image stabilization provides one with one of the finest phones for capturing photos in any situation. The phone has other features like the android application that may keep one busy while chatting with friends. The handset has a fair price of $199 currently.

Samsung Galaxy S5
The Samsung Galaxy phone has a very unique feature of heart rate monitor first to be seen on smartphone ever with an addition aspect of finger print scanner. The other feature is dust and waterproof that is a bit common. When it comes to its camera, it consists of a better al-around camera with a resolution hit from 13MP to 16 MP. However, the autofocus moment has gone down to 0.3 seconds. The biggest improvement in its aspects is the HDR that brings out more details in shadows and in great light in the process of capturing videos or pictures.

Sony Xperia Z1s
The Sony handset can be submerged deep in water for up to 4 feet in intervals of half an hour. The intervals are for letting one to a breath of fresh air. Moreover, one can capture photos while under the water through the shutter button on the phone. One can also use the touch screen, even when wet. The smartphone has an advanced Exmor-RS sensor, the low light technology that is available in the actual Sony cameras that are stand-alone. HDR mode is usually used in videos to reveal details lost in areas that are extra dark or very bright. The phone has got screens that are not big thus giving one a chance of using a medium sized touch screen. The handset offers a price of $528 over a two-year agreement with a $0 up front.

Nokia Lumia 1020
This Lumia phone provides the most effective Windows Phone experience with the best photo capture. It has a feature being a big phone compared to Lumia 925. The phone has a 41-MP sensor that enables one to zoom in after taking a photo thus see a high level of hidden details. It has also a visual image stabilization that prevents any shaky images. The most interesting part is that a user can change everything to shutter speed from ISO. The phone has a cheap price of $199 thus affordable to many.

Samsung Galaxy Note 3
Samsung packs in extra features including producing the best android phones with best ever seen performances. Samsung Galaxy Note 3 has a 6 inch display with a stunning screen and thus a quality portable device. The Note 3 brings out quality image and video beautifully on its 6 inch HD screen. This is because of its 13 MP camera with a 2-MP front-facing capture device. It costs $279 which is worthy the features packed in the handset.

With the latest hardware, LG G2 is a powerful phone with a 5.2-inch outstanding display that shows quality photos and videos. The phone offers a greater Android experience on a bit less customized UI. The camera is of high quality though not the best. It has rear-mounted buttons that easily enable one to adjust the volume when in the middle of a call. The high-quality audio sound produced through it may blow one away while listening to music. It may cost one around $300 for worthy of its unique features missing from other handsets.

Gionee Elife E7
This top best camera phone with a processor of 2.2 GHZ quad Core provides an experience of a lifetime in getting quick responds upon any command to the phone. With a display of 5.5 inch LCD screen and a quality camera of 16 MP with LED flash photos are captured in any light situation. The phone costs $257.


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Apple iPhone 5c
The iPhone 5c provides the great Apple App Store has to offer. It holds a price of 469 pounds for its 4Gcompatibility. With great camera features the screen displays quality image, though not as compared to iPhone 5s that has slightly higher quality camera features.

It is an all rounder phone balancing its size with practicality. A full HD resolution and 4.7-inch display delivering the best visuals one can find in other top handsets. A quality HTC Sense on the camera with a lot of refined clutter gotten rid of to focus properly on the necessary images. With 499 pounds one may purchase the handset and get the HTC experience.
HTC One mini
With the design of HTC One HTC One mini offers similar UltraPixel camera with HTC One. With great functions like highlight videos bringing one’s photos to life. It costs 325 pounds an affordable price for many. With a 4.3-inch 720p display guide one is good to go with the day to day activities.

These are some of the best smartphones because of their exciting features. However, it is their exceptional cameras that makes them unique and different from the rest.


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