Mercedes-Benz Luxury Sprinter Van Limousine


There isn’t much else you could ask for besides the Mercedes-Benz Luxury Sprinter Van. In a luxury class of its own, this Van, the 2013 model in particular, has so many options. Made with such high-quality, that you feel more like you are riding in a limousine than a car. In a lux style, fit for celebrity, the Mercedes-Benz Luxury Sprinter Van offers a variety of special treats: 46″ Samsung LED TV, private bedroom, custom bed (that comes with an electronic headrest), Apple iPad docking station, espresso machine equipped with a tasty bar station, Mac Mini computer, Playstation 3, and more. This is one luxury van that offers you a stylish and comfortable ride, equipped with all of your favorite and necessary daily high-tech machines.

© Tomasz Zajda -
© Tomasz Zajda –

This vehicle offers superb craftsmanship, along with uncompromising exclusivity and quality. Few vehicles are able to match the beauty, detail, and performance of this van limousine. This luxury van offers the passengers an experience and environment of having a mobile office, with lux details, spacious seating, tech tools, there are many benefits to investing in this fine piece of machinery. Not only can you do business on the go, this vehicle is also a great option for entertaining friends, or for providing a comfortable and luxury setting for a long road trip with the family. This machine was built to the highest standards, using the finest materials and cutting-edge technology. With an elite interior design, equipped with tinted windows, even a refrigerator, this van not only ensures privacy for the passengers inside throughout their journey, but it offers a comfortable setting, that can quickly turn from office-ready into laid-back and relaxing. Not that you won’t be relaxing during office time, while you are riding in this luxury van-limousine.


There are a variety of floor plans available for this model, each luxury van comes equipped with a variety of services and details, such as: US Federal compliance safety tested seating, seat bases and seat floor mountings, on-board 110-220 volt power with outlets, the option of a low or high roof, Aviation LED lighting, dual battery system with high capacity charging, sound deadening for the rear compartment, and much more. Also, each van is promised to meet the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter engineering compliance standards. You have the option of adding on a variety of fun and luxurious goodies as well, among them: Thermo electric cooled and heated seats, Duplex intercom, fold-out table, back massage system for the chairs, and many more. Of course, riding in such a high-quality van isn’t going to come cheap, depending on the options you decide to go with you can expect to easily spend more than $120,000 on a Mercedes-Benz Luxury Sprinter Van that is a newer model.


Depending on the variety or model of Sprinter van that you choose to go with, the luxurious van can be used as a utility vehicle-one popular option. Others uses for this high-end van are to use it for cargo, to carry passengers or crews. You could also use it as a minibus or motorhome. With so much variety, along with high-quality craftsmanship and material design, Merzedes-Benz has made the Sprinter van the one to beat.


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