Sony Launches 8 Million Flower For 4K TV Commercial


Sony has soaring high up in the resolution technology; Sony has released a new commercial that features 8 million petals erupting from a volcano in Costa Rica. In a outstanding attempt to illustrate just how much detail into its 4K TVs have, The waves of red, pink, yellow, and purple surround a nearby village, and the cinematography here immediately evokes memories of the famous bouncing ball ad Sony produced for its Bravia TV line. It’s a stunning production, but there’s also some significance to the visuals: the 8 million petals represent each individual pixel contained in Sony’s 4K sets, Four times the detail of 1080p. It is obvious that a ton of detail was put into the formation of this ad and rightfully so considering the 4K models they are promoting have been announced in the USA at a cost of $3,000 and $5,000 respectively. It’s not often that a technology advertisement which impresses masses to the extent that Sony did with this masterpiece. The commercial was produced to promote their new 55 and 65-inch X9 4K televisions that feature picture quality that is four times more detailed when compared to its counter parts like 720p or 1080p.


The fascinating aspect of this video which was posted on YouTube is that it was shot in 4K with Sony’s F55 and F65 cameras while it was only uploaded in 1080P even though, YouTube supports 4K resolutions also.

About the Technology:

Unlike OLED TVs, the 4K TVs that we’re at this time seeing hit the market use the same LED-backlit, LCD panels as our current TVs . This is the same technology that manufacturers have been using for flat screen TVs for years, which means they’ve sharpen up the techniques to make them and have huge economies of scale too. Sony has some advantages in 4K technology after having produced the first commercial 4K projector for movie theaters, the first professional 4K camera, and now a 4K content delivery system. It feels like Sony is the manufacturer that understands the importance of available content driving the success of 4K and they are spending in bringing us 4K content. We can set the picture display view according to our requirements with contrasting option. The next awesome feature is sound system, No more shrieking sounds to bare anymore.

Back on Topic again, Sony spend so much for this ad that it’s for sure that tech lover will attract. Watching the ad on the X9 4K Ultra HD TV, the TRILUMINOS Display brings the color to life for an incredible real life experience, giving an emotionally moving and astonishing feeling to the viewer. All effects were shot in real-life and filmed in 4K with Sony’s revolutionary F55 and F65 cameras, used on recent blockbuster movies ‘Oblivion’ and ‘After Earth’. At the same time the sole to Sony, slim Magnetic Fluid speakers inside the TV add clear, powerful sound. Ecologically and environmentally friendly ad – Sony used several tones of real and biodegradable petals which were locally and sustainably sourced. Featuring the 4K X-reality PRO engine to improve the picture quality of every day programs and HD media libraries, the 55” and 65” X9 4K Ultra HD TVs are available in-store.

Head of Marketing, Sony Europe, Gildas Pelliet, also said, “Sony is famous for creating iconic commercials. We wanted to create a visually impressive and artistic advert that best exhibit what you experience with a Sony 4K TV – 4 times the detail of current Full HD TVs. The ad has a cinema like experience with pin sharp images and dramatic scenery.”



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