Moto 360 : The future of Android smartwatches


Recently Motorola held a live Hangout with Jim Wicks who is the main designer of the Moto 360 Android Wear based Smart watch. The discussion began with the inspiration for the product and moved on the specifics. He said that the watch actually works and it is not just a concept or an ambitious render.
Wicks was quiet emphatic regarding the roundness of Moto 360 and he said this word round a lot of times in the hang out. The idea behind this was to sell people something that they are used to of. Around 85 percent of all the watches being sold have a round face. This is what people look for in a watch. The watch is supposed to have the following specs and features:

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• Moto 360 will surely be compatible and working with all the Android devices that run 4.3 Jelly Bean and more than that. It is not clear whether it will have iOS compatibility in the future or not.
• It will contain a replaceable strap and will be wearable for both men and women.
• Charging of the watch will be wireless and there is USB port or any charging pins on the watch. It even appears to be an Android Wear standard and therefore all of the data transfer will be on the Bluetooth.
• Moto 360 will also be water resistant and it is not really waterproof but has the capacity to be in the water for some time.
• It flips the user interface if it is worn upside down and this is why lefties do not have to worry about wearing it on their left hands.

Comfort and Materials
According to Wicks, the team always wanted to make a device that made use of comfortable and high quality materials to make way more approachable. This is why they have embraced genuine and original leather bands and stainless steel. As mentioned above, the bands are interchangeable and later distinct versions would come to make this watch compatible with people having smaller wrists.
The entire design of Moto 360 is focused on comfort and this is the reason that they have opted for a round shape. Moto 360 is really comfortable to wear as a round watch. The display is even more readable and it draws attention to the center for at a glance information with white space getting around the UI elements.
The watch does not have a camera in it and it is designed on the wholly bases surround the concept of displaying the contextually relevant info from your android smart phone whenever you need it. It does not possess a camera because according to Wicks, you cannot incorporate everything in such a small thing and if you want to add value to the original purpose of the watch, then it is necessary.



Pricing for this unit has not yet been revealed but there is a question regarding the international availability did prompt. Moto 360 will be launched globally in its due time after the beginning summer launch.
No one knows how the watch would feel like but as already mentioned, it is made of exclusive materials and the company has aimed to make it a beautiful watch first and then a smart watch. Motorola is said to have working on this time piece for more than 2 years.
Notifications are the main aim of the Android Wear and it is the reason it is being released early so that it can be tested using the emulator to check how the notifications feel and look on the virtual smart watch. Voice will also be a great differentiator when the first units will be released in the summer.

What is interesting  about Moto 360 it is a watch that you can wear casually as well.One that is unclear is that how it will be updated and that whether there will be a separate play store type market for the smart watch apps like Pebble and Samsung have currently set it up.
Moto 360 is said to take on the gadgets world with a surprise as it will be providing some great features and functions that will keep the people stunned. Round shape, water resistant, and a lot more is there to come in this smart looking watch. People are excitingly waiting for the watched to be launched so that they can have it in their wrists and have the android feel on their wrists. Notifications will even look classy on the round shape dial and will make it easier for the people to look and feel.



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