40 Story Building Climb – The Power of Self Improvement


Words like determination and goal-achievement are probably the most motivating for us in everyday life. This is because, sooner or later, each one of us reaches that moment in life when we long to feel enough powerful and self-motivated to do amazing things. Well, self improvement is not so difficult to attain in any field, as long as we trust ourselves and our strength. So, each one of us should be able to answer a big YES to the question “Ever Felt like the King of the World?” at least once in our lives.  One of the strongest motivators who changed the optics over self-improvement and prove that self confidence is the key to success is Scott Young, a cool fighter for his own dreams who achieved one of the world’s most amazing performances, of climbing and hand-standing a 40 story building.

Photo Credit : Youtube.com / 3runteam Scott Young
Photo Credit : Youtube.com / 3runteam Scott Young

His action goes beyond physical strength, as it may be considered as a really original manifest for inner values, such as trusting yourself and your strength, your determination and believing in your inner power to attain your goals. Scott’s climb and his hand-stand on the 40 story building are the keys proving that personal determination can overcome all kinds of borders, from social to physical and even mental.  The unbelievable performance of Scott Young surrounded the internet inside out and motivated millions of people who understood the deep meaning of his action. Even if it may seem dangerous, the power of concentration that Scott attained at the moment he hand-stood on top of the extremely high building was the engine of his success and stands as proof for an amazing demonstration of power and self-motivation.

By his performance, Scott Young is the living proof that leaving a dream is not so difficult to aim and obtain as long as you believe in yourself and in your power of self improvement.  The video of the climb is evoking for the message of his performance and it shows the determination of the young man to follow his lead while having no trace of hesitation whatsoever. Moreover, what is indeed cool about his deed is the fact that he is so self confident that at the moment he stands in his hands he is actually looking down which does not seem to scare him a bit. Overall, the performance is a world record and should be definitely set as an example for any self improvement strategy in need of proof and manifest.


After watching the video, the only words that come to your mind are “If he can do it, so can I if I Believe in Myself!”, words that can be used for any goal setting out there. The motivation is strong and so is the message of Scott’s performance. After all, by extending the message of the video, you reach the conclusion that sometimes you only have yourself to trust and this is the best trust that you can pay.  All in all, Scott Young’s video is the proof that motivation and self improvement can be attained if and when we want to attain them and more than that, these are the main motivators we need in any action that we may want to perform. Follow the video, trust yourself and your power and start following your dreams.



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