Top 10 Health Benefits And Uses of Coconut Oil


Coconut oil is a treasure trove for benefits to the human body. There are many medicinal as well as topical uses for coconut oil to increase health and well-being. It also suggested in studies that coconut oil can lower risks in some diseases. These are the top ten benefits of Coconut oil.


1. Coconut oil kills bacteria- Coconut oil kills bacteria that is associated with such things as urinary tract infections, gonorrhea, gum disease and even MRSA infections. Coconut oil is said to kill the infections caused by the over-use of antibiotics balancing it out with Lauric acid which in turn helps the immune system fight off super bugs and bacteria that cause these types of viruses.


2. Coconut Oil kills viruses- Viruses that cause influenza and infectious disease and typhoid are squelched by using coconut oil. It is said the HIV virus is killed off by the use of coconut oil. By boosting the immune system and antioxidants these viruses are beaten before they arrive in a healthy immune system that is toned up by coconut oil.


3. Coconut Oil helps intestinal flare-ups and Digestive problems– Intestinal problems such as tapeworm, liver flukes and giardia are inhibited by the use of coconut oil. Coconut oil has healing properties that help to fight off digestive problems in general including acid reflux disease.

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4. Coconut Oil protects skin- The topical use of coconut oil will form a protective chemical barrier on the skin to protect and heal infection. It also helps heal psoriasis and eczema sores and moisturizes dry skin. Coconut oil can be applied to wounds to help them heal and any area on the body that needs to heal quickly. For diabetic patients who worry with wounds and neuropathy using coconut oil can help with the wounds outside the body and ingestion of this dietary oil can help with the actual disease as well as for topical use. Neuropathy pain can be a difficult thing to live with but daily ingestion of coconut oil can prevent and stop the pain and the symptoms of neuropathy.


5. Coconut Oil kills germs- Tropical areas of the world have always known that Coconut oil kills germs but there has been research to back this claim that coconut oil kills pathogens and fights germs that spread quickly such as infectious diseases and diseases like tuberculosis.


6. Coconut Oil for Hair- Coconut oil helps to prevent hair loss by reducing the proteins lost in hair. Coconut oil actually restores the hair shaft because it can easily do this with its molecular weight. Coconut oil has high moisture content and restores lost moisture in hair due to medical conditions and free radicals.


7. Coconut Oil protects against Cancer- Coconut oil is known to protect against colon, digestive tract and breast cancers. By boosting the immunity coconut oil is said to protect against the harmful cancers that can kill these major areas in the human body. There are many research studies going on to see just how many cancers coconut oil can be effective in prevention and even fighting the disease.


8. Coconut oil Topical uses- Coconut prevents itching from poison ivy, sumac and oak. It also promotes firm skin tone and prevents age spots. Coconut oil eliminates head lice and stops the pain of bug bites. It also stops the pain burning and itching of snake bites. Coconut oil reduces bags around the eyes and prepares skin for shaving. It also lessens varicose veins and helps reduce unsightly wrinkles. Painful sunburns can be horrible as we all know but coconut oil soothes sun burnt skin and helps to heal blisters and burns quickly. Coconut oil is also effective for acne and blackheads for effective results apply daily as a topical on your face.


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9. Coconut Oil improves health- Coconut oil fights free radicals and can slow the aging process even preventing arthritis. The symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome subside with the use of coconut oil. This amazing oil can help with hormone flare-ups which reduce hot flashes and symptoms associated with female menopause. Coconut oil prevents the oxidation of fatty acids and strengthens the heart and circulatory system.


10. Coconut Oil helps vital organs- Coconut oil reduces the intensity of epileptic seizures and strengthens the liver and protects it against the degeneration process. It also reduces symptoms associated with prostate enlargement. Coconut oil also helps to protect against Alzheimer’s disease. Coconut oil also strengthens medium chain fatty acids which if regulate the body from circulatory system defects and heart problems.


With all these health filled benefits, Coconut oil is fast becoming the natural alternative to many medical solutions that just band aid serious disease. Coconut oil is beneficial to the skin and hair and body in so many ways it should be a part of every household. The ingestion and daily topical use on the skin can help prevent dangerous bacteria from entering the body and fight things inside the body that have taken hold. . Coconut oil should be a part of everyone’s diet because it is a fountain of good health in a bottle and it is a natural remedy for the body. For ingestion and topical uses Coconut oil can-not be beaten for its pure quality in helping the body and skin in fighting off the negatives in the environment.


Coconut oil is harvested by the extraction from the meat of matured coconuts that are harvested from palm trees. Coconut oil can last up to two years without becoming rancid. The use of coconut oil has become the hot property of natural remedy enthusiasts because new studies suggest that this oil helps the body in so many ways. Ingestion of coconut oil in large quantity is not recommended but a few teaspoons daily can help keep the doctors at bay.


These are just the top ten uses of Coconut oil but there are so many it is hard to just list ten. Coconut oil should be a regimen for the body for topical and ingestion on a daily basis because it has to many health filled properties.




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