Unbelievable Bus Shelter


Pepsi advertisements have always been creative and engaging and this latest Pepsi Max advertisements has all the makings of a classic. Titled Unbelievable bus shelter , the team behind this advertisement came up with a novel idea in engaging with the consumers. A busy bus shelter in London was the base with a few interesting modifications thrown in.


The technical team placed a screen on of the sides of the shelter with a camera attached to it so that it would keep on displaying everything that was happening behind it. The overall effect was that of a transparent glass sheet, with nothing to suggest of the surprises to follow!

Once the commuters were in the shelter waiting for their bus, the team activated augmented reality special effects that blew their ( and ours!) minds. After all it is not every day that you see a meteorite crash into the sidewalk or a giant octopus tentacle grab an innocent passerby and drag him back underneath!

The look of the people was priceless. There was no one who was not affected. The look of bewilderment on the faces of people as they saw a man floating towards them holding on to balloons, the look of alarm as they saw a tiger approaching the bus shelter was truly priceless.

None of these effects or the advertisement itself had anything to do with Pepsi Max itself. It was simply put an elaborate and extremely well put together prank. This type of advertisement differs from the regular sales advertisements that are seen more commonly on television. The intent here is not to force a product down your throat or to espouse the many wondrous properties of the drink, rather it an exercise in brand engagement.

A creative video like this and idea’s which are new and exciting leave a much more lasting effect on the consumers. It also leaves them with fun memories which they will associate with Pepsi Max giving it a unique brand identity.

Equally important in this day and age of social media is to create videos which are likely to go viral. People are living out their social interactions on the internet and sharing something on social media sites to your friends or followers is akin to making a personal recommendation. People are also more likely to check out a video if it has been liked and commented on by the people on their social circle. No one wants to be left behind on what the new coolest, or funniest thing is.

The sweet spot that all companies try to hit here is to make something fun and memorable. Something that will stick with you even after you have shifted to the next viral video.Pepsi max with its ‘Unbelievable bus shelter’ seems to have done that perfectly. Everyone who watched this advertisement will have a favorite prank. To me, the hovering robot shooting lasers at the people inside the shelter was very cool as well as the guy in the end who had the tiger chasing him.

The advertisement ends with people being showed how the prank works. It is endearing end as you see the people laughing and enjoying the experience they just went through. They are seen sharing this joke with others around them and even calling their friends and telling them what they just experienced. All these emotions come across as spontaneous and genuine. This distinguishes the advertisements from other pranks where the people being pranked are the victims rather than happy participants. These are also the qualities that you want your brand to be associated with.

Such advertisements help in increasing sales by helping make the brand relevant and current. It registers with the people as something that they would like to be seen with. The concept and scope of advertising is changing in this era of always being connected, a variety of ways to consume the content, some of which did not exist till a few years ago. The advertisers will have to change with these times accordingly and those companies that do so quickest will be the ones that find themselves ahead in this race.

Pepsi has always been at the fore front of edgy and new advertisements possibly because it had to fight against Coke which is a much larger company with more resources. This is something to remember as being nimble and quick in making marketing decisions will help you get up a leg up on larger companies.



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