Best 20 Converstaion Tips for Successful Dates


When you are casually dating it is important to understand how you can put your best foot forward. This is especially true when you are about to embark on a first date.

Who knows? You may just be about to meet the person that you will fall in love with and you want everything to be as perfect as possible. Many people are searching for dating advice that they can really use in any type of situation. Successful dates are not just a time to meet and greet another individual.
This is the time when you want to honestly be yourself and discover any potential connections that the two of you may have in common.
Stilted conversation or long periods of silence can make both of you uncomfortable. Instead of leaving your dating conversation to the fickle winds of chance why not study a few dating tips that are designed to put both of you at ease.
There are a number of first date tips that you can use when you are meeting that special someone. These are easy and interesting suggestions for conversational ice-breakers that anyone can remember. In fact you might just find that the following dating advice contains some truly life-changing information.

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1. It begins with remembering to be yourself. This is the basic foundation that you need to become a sparkling conversationalist. If you are attempting to be someone else then you will fail to convey honesty and interest during your meeting.


2. Never try to think of things to say just for the sake of filling a few moments of silence. You do not have to always be “on” in order to impress a date. Sometimes it can be very relaxing just to have a little time to enjoy the moment.


3. Open-ended questions can spark more conversation than an inquiry that is simply answered with a “yes” or “no” as the response. People appreciate being given the opportunity to give a lengthier answer to a question. When you ask an open-ended question you are also showing personal interest in your date.


4. Be sure to offer at least one compliment upon meeting your date. You could mention that you like their hairstyle, clothing or promptness. You could even thank them for inviting you out or choosing a nice place for your first date. It is not hard to give a compliment when you are being honest. Do not go overboard with the compliments because it will only be embarrassing for both of you. Be complimentary. Be friendly. Be polite but remember that above all else you need to be honest and sincere


5. While you do want to tell your date a little more about who you are you should never forget to be interested in who they are. Ask questions about your date. Find out about their family, childhood, hobbies, education or career goals. There are thousands of questions that you can ask on a first date and the person will be flattered that you express some sincere interest in discovering their answers.


6. You can discuss even the most mundane items such as the weather. This can lead into more detailed conversation such as places that you hope to visit, the climates that you both prefer or significant weather events that you have experienced during past years.


7. Most people like at least one animal. If you have a pet at home why not mention it and then inquire whether or not your date likes animals?


8. A gentle and non-offensive joke can be a great conversation starter. Just remember to avoid any off-color, hottest or racist humor.


9. If you are meeting at a restaurant for drinks or dinner it is an ideal time to open a discussion about favorite foods.


10. Showing interest in family and friends is usually a welcome ice-breaker for someone on a first date. This subject is one that is familiar and easy to discuss for most people. You may even discover that you have more in common once you begin to talk about the individuals that you know.


11. What could be more non-threatening than a discussion about music? Mention your favorite musical genre, song or band and be sure to ask your date about the music that they prefer?


12. No list of first date tips would be complete without mentioning the importance of a smile. As your conversation expands a friendly smile makes the “small talk” all the more meaningful.


13. Keep a good sense of humor throughout the date. If something happens that is funny you can bring the situation up and have a good laugh.


14. Make certain that you ask about sports, hobbies or other relevant personal activities. You do not have to be an expert in the area to make it a part of the dating conversation. Just show a sincere interest and let your date take the lead.


15. There is no need to divulge every moment of your personal history to your date. This is especially true when you are meeting someone for the first time. If you are asked a question that concerns your life you can answer it honestly without the need for a half hour monologue.


16. Keep the conversation centered on you and your date as much as possible. The subjects should not veer off into uncharted waters that leave your companion feeling lost and abandoned.


17. Avoid making snap judgments during your dating conversation. Your opinion can be honest without being hurtful, one-sided or polarizing.


18. Remember that politics, political correctness and religion can all be delicate topics of conversation for any first date. You do want to find out what your dating partner thinks about important issues in the world but these subjects should be approached with caution during the beginning phase of a relationship.


19. The subject of travel is always a great way to start a conversation. Even if you have never traveled to another city you can still discuss the places you would like to visit in the future. Talk about different modes of travel such as plane, train and cruise ship and you just might find that this conversation leads to a wide variety of additional conversation topics. People love to talk about places they have seen, trips they have taken and future plans for their dream vacation destinations.


20. When you consider first date tips it is important to remember that relaxation is a key issue. For your conversation to be considered a success you need to be confident, self-assured, friendly and relaxed. Many experts that specialize in dating advice suggest a walk before your date arrives. This will give you time to get rid of those “first date” nerves and alleviate some of the stress that often accompanies such an event. When you are relaxed it is easier to carry on a conversation with another person.



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