Doritos Best Funny Commercial Ever


Advertisements have always been the best source to communicate about the product to the user without any issue. It is the advertisements only that tell the users about the product and that what are the uses of the of the product to the people. One of the ads of the product Doritos does exactly the same but in an smart way.
The advertisement is about three going on fishing but met mermaids instead. The ad begins in a way that these three friends are standing right in the middle of the lake and are discussing how good the day is for fishing. One of the friends is eating Doritos while in the lake. One of the friends all of a sudden starts shouting that he has retrieved one fish and he actually does as one gets stuck in this thumb. The friend eating Doritos only puts his hand in the water unintentionally and notices something has stuck in his fingers as well. He raises his hand up and sees a mermaid licking his fingers. Seeing this, the third friend snatches the pack of Doritos from that friend and eats a lot Doritos saying that he also needs to see the angel of the sea. He eats Doritos and puts his mount under mother and to his surprise he takes out his face from the water with a male mermaid kissing him on the lips. It is a short commercial by Doritos but a very classy one showing the message and the idea very carefully.


The basic idea behind is that not everyone is lucky and that it requires art to be lucky. Such types of advertisements have always been popular amongst the users since they are short and they provide viewer with fun while watching them. The Doritos commercial does the same. It is a 30 second commercial but has all it takes to grab the attention of the viewers.
The smart idea concept is even amazingly applied on this advertisement and that if you want to get lucky by having Doritos, you should also know the art as well. It is because at the end of the advertisement, the friend who initially was eating Doritos says that “Thou art min Doritos” emphasizing on the fact that those are his Doritos and it means that only he deserves all the luck.

Another idea about the features of the product is also well applied here. As when the friend eating Doritos puts his hand inside the water, the mermaid comes and starts licking his fingers immediately and when the other friend does that, the male mermaid comes and starts tasting it. It puts emphasis on the taste of the Doritos that it is so tempting even the mermaids could not resist it. It strives on the fact that such taste can come from this brand only and no other such brand. If you want good taste with good quality, then you should have Doritos.

To sum it all, it is a great advertisement that does fulfill the purpose for what it is made. It conveys the message, includes the fun element and entertains the people in those 30 seconds. It is unlike other loud commercials in which people are shouting to try the product or getting on your nerves. It is a short ad with a short story providing the viewers what they need to see in the advertisement. They did the job well in doing what they intended to do.


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