10 Ways Mushrooms Can Improve Your Health


A mushroom is a fungi that most people consume on a daily basis to add flavor to various dishes and, most importantly, to benefit from its well-known healing properties.There are thousands of varieties of mushrooms that grow throughout the world. Although there are a small number of mushrooms that are fatally poisonous, there are also very many classes of the mushroom species which possess several different health benefits. Therefore, it is very important to conduct extensive research to know which mushrooms to add to your diet, in order to maintain and improve your living. Mushrooms have been on earth for thousands of years and there are many ways that this organism can improve your health.


Helps To Maintain A Healthy Weight

Certain types of mushrooms can help with allowing a person to reach his or her weight loss goals, as well as to maintain a healthy weight. Since organically-grown mushrooms are low in calories and sodium, but packed with delicious flavors, they can be used as a meat substitute or added to any main dish. Mushrooms help to increase metabolism, which quickly turns food to energy, and speed up a person’s weight loss. The most popular mushroom known to help with a person’s weight management is the white button mushrooms.


Provides Proper Nutrition

Mushrooms are loaded with healthy nutrients and antioxidants that contribute to a healthy lifestyle. Most nutritionists suggest that mushrooms be eaten after they are cooked because this method allows its healthiest properties to be released through the spores. Mushrooms also contain important B vitamins, that aid the nervous system and break down complex carbohydrates, while providing a boost of energy. By many nutritional experts, mushrooms have been coined as one of the world’s ultimate super foods.


Gives The Immune System A Boost

Mushrooms are also known as nature’s medicine and can drastically improve and support the body’s immune system. A person who starts to eat mushrooms before cold and flu season starts are less likely to develop any type of common cold. But, mushrooms deliver much more power to the immune system than just combating the common cold. A person’s immune system gets a major boost and stays in healthy shape with the help of mushrooms.Several different types of mushrooms can kill harmful bacteria, germs, and yeast, which can improve your body’s overall health to fight off major diseases.

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Loaded With Vitamin D

Portabello mushrooms are packed with healthy vitamin D. Normally, vitamin D is produced throughout our bodies with the help of proper sunlight. If a person is not getting his or her daily intake of the critical vitamin, mushrooms can be of assistance. Proper vitamin D intake contributes to a vast amount of the body’s important functions. This super vitamin supports the immune system and brain health.


Increases Bladder Health

Mushrooms contain high levels of a mineral selenium. Selenium helps to protect against any type of bladder illness that could lead to bladder cancer. This mineral is very beneficial to women. Raw crimini and shitake mushrooms are very rich with selenium. Both forms of mushrooms provide almost fifty percent of what a person’s daily consumption should be.


Fights Cancer and Combats Cancer-Causing Cells

Recent scientific studies have proven that mushrooms can lower a person’s risk of developing cancer. Lectin compounds found in certain mushrooms is powerful in preventing cancer cells from forming altogether. Extensive research by experts has shown that women who eat at least one mushroom per day can drastically reduce her risk of getting breast cancer by fifty percent.


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Combats Diabetes and Regulates Insulin Levels

Diabetes affects millions of people throughout the United States and lowers their quality of life. Diabetes, a condition where the blood glucose rises to unhealthy levels, is a form of poor health and can eventually lead to death, if not monitored properly. Mushrooms can be of a great benefit to people with this particular disease. Since mushrooms are a free of dangerous cholesterol and harmful fat, it can help prevent heart disease and regulate a person’s blood sugar level, when eaten often and properly.


Keeps Your Heart Healthy

Eating foods high in fat, sodium, and sugar can contribute to an unhealthy heart which can lead to heart disease and, later, even death. Thousands of people die every year from not properly taking care of their heart health, improving their diet, and getting sufficient daily exercise. Mushrooms can help a person take better care of their heart and prevent heart disease by providing natural heart-healthy fiber. Along with many fruits and vegetables, mushrooms tremendously lower cholesterol levels. When a person includes mushrooms to a healthy diet, he or she can live a longer and much healthier life.


Promotes Healthy Skin and Hair

Many people always strive to look their absolute best. A healthy diet can help with getting started on that journey. When trying obtain the closest level of perfection, a person desires to have healthy skin and beautiful flowing hair. Mushrooms can provide an array of healthy vitamins and nutrients to help a person put his or her best face forward. Organically fresh mushrooms have an abundance of important nutrients such as biotin, niacin, copper, and riboflavin. All of these elements improve the health of the skin and hair. A person will soon notice glowing skin and thicker, stronger locks as a result of adding mushrooms to his or her daily intake.


Abundant In Ergothioneine For A Longer Fuller Life

Most people would like to live out their years by being as healthy as possible. Mushrooms have been proven to increase the longevity of a person’s life because it is packed with ergothioneine. Ergothioneine is a very powerful antioxidant that cannot be produced by the human body. Therefore, a person has to get this powerful substance through food intake. Ergothioneine is extremely important for a person’s health because it protects the blood cells and actively transports nutrients and oxygen into the cells. According to studies, ergothioneine is found in both, white and brown mushrooms, and remain active after mushrooms are cooked.



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