Cool App That Changes Your Car Light Colors


The automotive industry is being revolutionized by technology. Due to technological advancement drivers and passengers of cars are enjoying comfortable rides. Drivers are applying less effort to have a car move at a speed he desires .

Also cars are more secure due to technological applications. App is one of the technological applications that are revolutionizing the automotive has several application in cars but the most common is on the lighting system of the car. The car light can be modified its color to any car light color desired without having to be near or in contact with the car. A cool app that is changing the automotive industry most is the android app. There are several types of this cool app but the most common and with wide application is car app and headlight app.

1. Car app

This is the app that is mostly used to control car systems. car app as enable such amazing car advancement such as self driven cars, automatic cars and car tracking. This application involves coding of the car control system in such a way that it can be control through wireless devices and app has real help to improve the security of cars as it has enabled cars to be known where they are at any time therefore when they are stolen and taken to any place the owner of the car can know where his car is and can trace it to where it is and returned it back. This application has really reduce the incidences of car theft has thieves have known it is useless to steal a car because it will just be traced and he will be caught app also has enabled self driven cars to exist. These are cars that move without a driver as it is control with a remote. This cars have been so helpful in times of disaster has they can move into areas not accessed by human beings. Also automatic cars locks and security sensors in cars have existed thanks to this cool app.

2. Headlight app

This is another cool app. This is an app that has changed the car lighting system. It has enable change of car light color automatically to signify change of incidences. Headlight app has really reduced accidents due to drivers as it alerts the driver of any danger before it occurs. Also it has helped to improve the security of cars by signaling an incoming strange person near the car by producing alarming light this enables the drivers to be notified and be able to respond accordingly. Headlight is a cool app that makes the car more attractive by producing attractive lights that decorates the car making it beautiful and Cool.

These cool apps, which have really revolutionized the automotive industry, are not available in all car models. The old car models do not have these apps and are still cumbersome to drive and their security is at stake at always but new car models such as BMW are equipped with these applications hence they are the most secured and easiest to drive. Also it is the most comfortable cars.



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