Top 20 Best Education Systems Countries In The World


The following is a list of the top 20 Best Education Systems countries in the world and where there strengths and weaknesses in the education system lye’s. It’s purely to show the areas they are doing well in and what needs to be improved.

1.Japan : Japan has had the best education system in the world for three straight quarters in a row. The main reason for being at the top is its technology based educational background and a firm investment in its education system with a lot of money being put into it.

2. South Korea : South Korea comes 2nd on the top 20 most educated countries in the world. It is worth noting that South Korea was able to defeat Japan in 3 out of the 5 levels that were looked at in the ranking but just couldn’t out pace Japan. This was mainly due to the fact that Japan has invested more into early childhood education compared to South Korea.

3. United Kingdom :The UK seems to have done quite well in this poll done on September 2013.Of all the European countries, the UK is the only country that was able to make it to the top 10 of the ranking.

4. Singapore : The Singapore education system has continued to impress over the years and is giving the UK education system a run for its money. The country ranks highly in primary education and is thought to be inching closer to beating the UK in terms of quality education.

5. Russia : Their luck of investing in early childhood education has been their major undoing as its the main reason why they are not ranked at the top of the list. Russian education system is simply the best.

6. Finland : It is important that although Finland is considered to have one of the best education systems in the world, it does not rank first in any of the levels that were looked at. Its early childhood enrollment was quite poor a fact that made it miss out on the top 5 ranking.

7. Canada : of all the countries in the world, Canada has the highest rate of college graduates. Although this is quite impressive they tend to overlook the benefits of investing in their children’s education in terms of early childhood education. Once they do that they will simply rank highly on the list.

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8. Netherlands: Netherlands is quite the opposite of all these other countries. They have invested a lot in early childhood development and are ranked quite highly but have not done the same in the other areas.The country has one of the lowest high school graduates hence their poor ranking.

9. Ireland : Ireland has done quite a great job with their education system. If only their government would look into the early years of development of their children and invest in that area they would definitely give the other countries a run for their money.

10. Israel : It is known that Finland has modeled their education system based on that of Israel. This is the main reason why Finland is ranked highly. The only reason why Israel has not been ranked highly is the same as that of other countries i.e not investing in their early childhood education program.

11. China : It is worth noting that China has one of the largest education systems in the whole world. With this fact one cannot help but wonder why their education system is still ranked one of the best considering the high number of students involved. Their major undoing is the low number of students competing high school and poor investment in early childhood education.

12. New Zealand : New Zealand can easily give any of the top 10 ranked countries a run for their money. Their major undoing is their poor primary level test scores.

13. Norway : This is also another country with a great education system. It is only ranked lower due to its poor primary level test scores.

14. Belgium : Belgium was doing so well on their education system until they started decreasing funding to their education sector.

15.Germany : Germany has always ranked highly as a power house as far as education is concerned. However it has seen a steady decline on this area due to its inability to address social change in the country.

16. Denmark : Denmark tends to perform averagely in all levels of education. It has quite a remarkable early childhood education system.

17. Estonia : No one ever thought that this small country could rank higher than even the United States as far as education is concerned. Estonia has an impressive primary and early childhood education system.

18. United States of America : Most people thought that the United States would be able to rank highly due to its financial muscle but this is far from the reality. The US needs to work on their high school graduation rates and their early childhood education in order to rank highly.

19. France : The country has an impressive early childhood education system but it all stops there with years of neglect of other levels of education taking its toll on the education system.

20. Portugal : Portugal closes the list of the top 20 most educated countries in the world. Its high school graduation rate however is still contentious as it has been challenged by the European Union.

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  1. I do not know to what extent these statistics about the 5 best educated countries reflect attitudes toward discipline, but it is worth nothing that the children in those countries are by far the best behaved! It is perhaps possible, certainly imaginable, that Dr. Spock and John Dewey along with their permissive theories are destroying the education in the United States!

  2. Really, who wrote this. .”Of all the European countries, the UK is the only country that was able to make it to the top 10 of the ranking.”

    Well I am sure the Finnish, Dutch and Irish will find it amusing that we are no longer considered to be European countries any more. And just to point out an obvious typographical’s lies not “lye’s” as indicated in your opening sentence, a shameful oversight considering your list covers education. Luckily, I was educated in Ireland and the United Kingdom.


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