10 Signs You’re Emotionally Cheating Your Partner


Nowadays, cheating among spouses has become rampant. Consequently, spouses who have been cheated on are hurt emotionally and in some cases take very life threatening measures. Additionally, some will vow never to date again. It is highly recommendable to do some soul searching and use the proper dating tips .This should be followed by the correct life tips to act as guidelines. One situation you do not want to encounter is seeing your spouse having emotional breakdowns due to some things that you can make right.
There are a few signs that will clearly show you that you are cheating on your spouse. Some of the signs to watch out for include:

1. Withdrawal
At such a point, you will note that you and your spouse are not close like before. You will start keeping a lot of secrets from your partner. Additionally, you will also stop participating in some activities that you used to do together as a couple. In some cases, it might turn ugly to a point where you completely ignore your spouse. This is a stage that you feel fed up with your spouse. However, this is an avoidable situation as it only calls for you to discuss issues with your partner. Additionally, it is important to always bear in mind that; love has its ups and downs and it is upon you to keep the promise you made to your partner.

2. Cruelty
At this stage, you will start treating your spouse like a stranger. It might also reach a point that you not only hurt you partner emotionally, but also abuse them physically. In addition, you will disregard your responsibilities at home. Such responsibilities include: offering financial assistance or helping the kids with their school work. At this stage, you not only hurt your spouse, but also the people around you such as your kids. This is a stage where even your children will not want to have anything to do with you and everything falls apart. In order to cope with this stage, you will need to exercise your anger management tactics. You should not let your anger get the better part of you.

3. Complaining a lot
When you start cheating on your partner, you have decided to do what you want and you expect no questioning. Your guilt conscious will start haunting you and you will start complaining that your spouse is controlling you. You will find that you are asking to be given more space to breathe and if your partner tries to ask anything you complain. In such a case, you have raised the suspicion of your spouse. They will know that you are trying to cheat them emotionally. As much as you are no longer in love with your spouse, it is important to respect them and also keep your promise. After all promise is debt.

4. Longer working hours
During such times, you will start arriving home late and then claim you are from work. This is a stage that shows you no longer want to feel the presence of your spouse. This is where you should think critically or else all the walls will come crumbling down. In most cases, this is usually a lie in order to avoid further questioning from your spouse. This grows to a point that you do not go home for a long period of time under the pretense that you are working out of town.

5. Change in phone habits
At this stage you find that your cell phone habits change drastically. If you used to pick your calls in the presence of your spouse you will find that you start excusing yourself to pick the call. This is a habit that leaves a lot of question marks. In addition, you do not want even your spouse to come close to your phone. You will even start carrying your phone everywhere you go including the washrooms.

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6. Change in appearance
You will find that you concentrate a lot on the way you look. You will find that you have started exercising and getting the best clothes and jewel. This is a clear indicator that there is someone else that you want to impress apart from your spouse.

7. Increased energy and zeal
At home you will find that you do not have the zeal to participate in anything. This is because you are already fed up with being there. Outside home you are full of life and you find that you are able to do things that you had never done before.

8. No affection
At this stage you feel totally fed up with your spouse to a point that even your behavior in the bedroom changes. You no longer want to cuddle with your spouse and you will always claim to be tired. Additionally, you will find that you go to bed late than your spouse. You will also find yourself going to bed fully dressed or even sleep in the guest room or on the couch. This is a clear sign of a collapsing relationship. You will also show you are less affectionate by not spending time with your spouse by even watching your favorite TV program together.

9. Not wearing the wedding ring
When you find that you have even stopped wearing your wedding ring, this is a show that you are totally fed up. This shows that you no longer respect your marriage thus you treat it like a normal relationship. Always bear in mind that marriage is holy and should be treated with decency.

10. Flirting with the people of  opposite gender
You will find yourself flirting with people of the opposite gender even in the presence of your spouse. This shows your spouse how much you despise and disrespect them. This may also lower their self esteem.
Civilization calls for you to make things right before it is too late. You do not want to end your union in a divorce as it is painful and it will tarnish your reputation. Always bear in mind that you never know what you have until it is gone.



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