Valeria Lukyanova and Justin Jedlica Real Life Barbie dolls and Ken


33 year old Justin Jedlica and 28 year old Valeria Lukyanova have been dubbed as the “real life Ken and Barbie dolls”. Both Justin and Valerie have eerie similarities to the popular Mattel dolls, due to plastic surgery procedures and are striving to stay that way.


Justin Jedlica is a native of New York but now resides in Chicago, Illinois and had his first plastic surgery procedure when he was 18. He hated his nose and had 6 surgeries to change it but didn’t stop and had no desire to stop there. In the past 15 years, Justin has had over 140 surgeries including chest implants, shoulder implants, bicep implants, triceps implants, thigh implants, calf implants, brow shaving and lifts, gluteoplasty, and lip augmentations, among others. He has spent over $150,000 perfecting his signature “Ken” look. Married to a successful businessman, Justin can treat himself to annual procedures, courtesy of his husband. He is also trying to grow his plastic surgery consulting business to help others achieve the looks they want and he has also created his own silicone implants for his arms and has signed a contract to license his designs.


Justin has made several appearances on several talk shows and reality TV shows like 20/20’s special “Extreme Plastic Surgery and TLC’s “My Strange Addiction”. He has also been said to have been diagnosed by a psychologist and suffers from a mental illness called “dsymorphic disorder”, a condition where an individual sees or imagines a personal physical flaw within themselves and almost becomes obsessed with it, they can’t see what everyone else sees. Justin thinks there is nothing wrong with the way he views himself and denys having the disorder. He has stated that his fixation on surgical body modification comes from a place of artistic creativity, not mental illness and that he will continue to perfect his body.


Valeria Lukyanova is a 28 year old life-like Barbie doll from the Ukraine. She has been referred to as “human Barbie” and “real-life Barbie”. Valeria uses makeup and blue contact lenses over her green eyes to heighten and achieve the full “Barbie” look. Unlike Justin, Valeria claims to have only gone under the knife once which was for breasts implants and stated that the rest of her is completely natural. She has said that she is slender due to her daily workouts at the gym and her special strict vegetarian diet. There have been doubts about this and a lot of negative feedback, saying Valeria has had other surgeries and even went as far as to having ribs removed to make her waist smaller, which is an astonishing 18 inches.


Valeria isn’t just a beautiful inhuman-like face, she has a bachelor’s degree in architecture from Odessa State Academy of Constructions and Architecture, she also has done some modeling and is a educator at the School of Out of Body Travel. She teaches students how to leave their physical body and travel in their spiritual body. Valeria claims that she has been traveling outside of her body, to the past and future, since she was a little girl and can communicate with other civilizations. To date. Valeria has a large social following, she has over 900,000 Facebook followers, over 10,000 Twitter followers, and over 300 million views on YouTube. Residing in her hometown of Odessa, Valeria lives with her husband, Dmitry Shkrabov, he’s a Ukrainian businessman and her childhood friend.


The real life Ken and Barbie had never had the opportunity to meet but got the chance in February of 2013. They met in New York City for a photo shoot for the show “Inside Edition”. Though the photos were exquisite, the pair did not hit it off at all. Valeria said that Justin was a “handsome man” but that his lips were “overdone”. Justin also had negative comments about Valeria, saying she is “beautiful” but “without the makeup, she is plain and there’s nothing special about her”. He then even went a step further, by dressing up like a Barbie himself, rumored, to mock her. Fans and followers had high hopes for the two meeting and even though the Mattel Ken and Barbie have been together for years, it doesn’t look like the results will be the same or even friendship for that matter, for the real life ones.



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