3 Tips to Tell Your Parents a Secret


Persons of every age have different personal conflicts and pass through situations that disturb them. The first thinking a person has, before the desperation, is that he or she can solve the problem alone, but sometimes it’s not possible and we are so affected that we need someone Else’s help.






Normal situation

Naturally, if we have a secret, we start by trying to talk with a friend of truthfulness because this friend makes us feel comfortable. We think that a friend is the only person who we can talk about the secret. The problem is that some people, especially when they are adolescent or young, do not realize that the persons who care the most about them in life are, generally, their own parents. Our parents have experience and they want the best for our life. Sometimes we just have to be courageous and tell them if we have an important secret, because you can not live all the time acting like nothing is happening, You probably see them frequently. It is not good for you to force a lie and neither for them to feel like you do not trust them.


How to confront it

There are some families more strict or close-minded than others, but if you explain them something that is important for you, as they appreciate you they will understand you. At first when you tell them the secret, maybe they will have a bad reaction, but then they will see it from your point of view and they will make you feel better.


Types of secrets

There are infinite secrets a person can hide, but the most common ones are usually related with having a new girlfriend or boyfriend. Sometimes, we do not have the security to tell our parents we are in a new relationship with someone, because we are afraid about how they can react or if they will accept this person or not. The important fact is to be conscious that they have to resign about our decisions and we can demonstrate the secret is not so bad as it seems.



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