20 Healthy Picnic Foods You Should Pack


It is always fun to go out on a picnic once in a while. Picnics started years back, 14 century during medieval hunting feasts in England. Though they weren’t as classy as the modern picnics, they still had plenty of food and fun. Most modern packed picnic foods are quite unhealthy, containing lots of calories, fat, sugar and salt. With the current health concerns, it is always important to eat healthy, even on a picnic. It can encompasses everything; appetizers, main dishes, side dishes, desserts etc, of healthy food. There are lots of healthy foods to try for a picnic; it gets more fun and free with healthy food. Here are some of the best;

1. Sandwich
While making the sandwich, use lean proteins like turkey, chicken. It’s also good to use low fat cheese to avoid much fat. You can ditch the bread entirely and then dress the sandwich with mustard or salsa.

2. Fruits salad
Fruits are every one’s favorite. You can never go wrong on fruits, especially on your picnic. Fruits makes a nice flour free dessert. Cut up pieces of variety of fruits together. You have choices of pineapple, apple, peaches, strawberries, bananas, cherries, water melon etc. You can sprinkle some dark chocolate on the fruits; keeps heart disease away.

3. Crunchy appetizers
Crisp raw veggies are great healthy appetizers, one you should pack for your picnic. Cucumbers, carrots, asparagus, radishes, celery are quite healthy options. Use with low fat yoghurt dip or humus with herbs and spices.

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4. Roast chicken
The roast chicken can be eaten as the main dish. Do not fry it; fried chicken is quite high in calories. However you can oven-fry the chicken; cuts down on the fat and calories.

5. Cake
Not all cakes are healthy. Most are often high in calories, carbs and sugar. Try a more healthy option like the angle food cake. You can make this yourself or buy it. The cake is low on calories and contains no fat. You then add some strawberries and a fat free topping.

6. Grilled veggies
This is quite a filling side dish you should not miss out on. Grill summer squash, zucchini, peppers, onions and mushrooms. You can pepper them and use olive oil. Slice them up sometime before and foil them before grilling.

7. Veggie salad
Veggies are always a healthy option. Look for more nutritious ones for the salad. A veggies salad is quite easy to make; adding no calories. Try to use fresh leafy greens and veggies. If you want to use a dressing, use one that is low on fat and calories. Avoid blue cheese dressing.

8. Tortilla chips and Humus dip
Chips can be very tempting, especially for a picnic out. However, they are so full of fat and calories. Instead go for baked tortilla chips, or whole grain pita rounds. Oat crisps and whole grain rice chips are good options too. They all go along well with humus, not a packed processed dip.

9. Whole grain
Breads and rolls are usually full of calories. Opt for whole grains buns, pita bread, wraps. Limit starches you take here.

10. Healthy Beverages
While out on a picnic, it’s quite easy to get dehydrated. Ice and sparkling water are an easy healthy option. You may also go for unsweetened iced tea. If you must take a beer, select light ones and wine spritzers. Frozen fruit pops and lemonade are great too.

11. Confetti slaw
This side dish is low on calories. It is also quite easy to make yourself at home. You need honey, olive oil, parsley, cabbage, red and green cabbage, carrots and Dijon mustard; all healthy ingredients.

12. Fruit juice & Fruit and cheese platter
Not only does a fruit drinks hydrate you back, its nutrition value is quite generous. You can blend different fruits separately for a clear taste or mix them together. Oranges, pineapples, mango, beetroot, and pawpaw makes delicious drinks. Taking the juice cool is quite refreshing.

The platter will cost you less and you can make it at home. Use shedder, gruyere, and apples. It is quite good with water melon, feta, ripe figs and grapes. Make it even better by sprinkling some lemon.

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13. Water melon
Water melon is 92 percent water. You can munch on it as you move along during your picnic. It is also a favorite for the kids. It is low on calories and has less fat.

14. Grilled corn
Eating grilled corn is fun, just what you need for your picnic. Grill the corn on the cobs. You may add little butter on them. Squeeze some lime juice and cayenne pepper on, makes the corns quite delicious. Corn has sodium, helpful in regulating your blood pressure.

15. Edamame
Edamame is a relatively healthy appetizer, high on proteins. Make it yourself; use olive oil, red onion, red peppers, parsley and pitas. You do not need an appetizer that gives you calories and Edamame is the best you can get.

17. Grilled burgers
Everyone loves burgers. However, how you prepare it matters a lot. Grilled burgers are quite safe and easy to prepare. Consider ground turkey or lean beef. Try light fixings like black beans, roasted peppers etc.

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18. Cole slaw
This traditional serving is quite healthy. Worry not about unhealthy calories or fat. It is easy to make at home with cabbages, carrots, cinder and vinegar. Add in mayo, avoid using mayonnaise .

19. Pasta salad
For pasta lovers, you can still have pasta for your picnic. However, go for whole grain pasta with low calories. Add on some veggies and lean meat.

20. Apple pie
A picnic is not quite a fun picnic without a pie. However, not all pies are good for you. An apple pie is a favorite for everyone; more nutritious and contains no fat. It is easy to make at home.

A picnic is a time to have fun. It however , needs planning and a bit of creativity. Have everything you need planned and bought before time. Prepare early anything that need to be prepared prior to the picnic day. Most importantly, check out the choice of foods you are picking. Health matters, even on a picnic. If you eat healthy, the picnic becomes more fun and fulfilling.



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