What You Can Buy With Bitcoins


Day by day increasing popularity and acceptance of Bitcoins, a virtual online money, among the online merchants had increased probabilities of buying several things including goods and services with them. You can find these merchants on the aggregator sites and in the market place also. You can buy various types of services and products through this virtual currency. Web-hosting services, online dating or registering a domain name are some of the services that you can buy with this digital money the value of which is increased surprisingly during last year. The market of this virtual money is establishing gradually with the passage of time. People had started to trade with Bitcoins for their day to day needs like they used to use gold for it. Information about some of the goods that you can buy with Bitcoins is provided hereunder for your guidance.

A pair of Alpaca socks:
Some of the online merchants are offering pairs of Alpaca socks made from 78% of Alpaca, 2% lycra and 20% nylon in exchange with Bitcoins. One coin of this virtual online money can fetch you more than 50 pairs of these socks as the market value of this money is nearly $1025 and one pair costs only $20.

An apartment in Nice:
Bitcoins are also accepted by some of the vacation apartment owners in Nice, France as rent for their apartments. An apartment that contains three bedrooms, two bathrooms along with a private terrace is available at 200 Euros or approximately $275 per night can be hired by you for several nights against one coin of this digital money if you are a non-smoker and have no pets.

Branded t-shirts :
Some of the online merchants are offering t-shirts with cute designer prints of Yoda and Angry Bird for $30 or 18 pounds each. They also trade with bitcoins while selling sweatshirts, hoodies, mugs and pajamas in various designs.

Antique collectibles:
Some of the online auctioneers also accept Bitcoins against the payment of various antique collectible items auctioned by them which have great value. You can buy them by paying few coins of this digital money as it has much more value than dollar in real financial market.

Bitcoin in the shopping cart
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Some of the online BBQ merchants accept Bitcoins against their supplies and catering services for pulled pork barbecue in far off locations like Salt Lake City. You can buy many more things than BBQ in exchange of bitcoins.

Horse treats:
You can also buy treats for your horses as some of their online merchants are accepting this virtual money against their supplies to pet owners, wildlife curators and livestock owners.

Camping survival gear:
Some of the merchants selling camping survival gears also accept this virtual gold against their supplies. You can buy these gears to come out of trouble in woods with your bitcoins.

Thus you can buy a number of services and products with the online money of bitcoins due to the increasing popularity of this virtual currency among online merchants these days. You can trade with bitcoin as you used to use gold for this purpose.



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