13 Best Foods for a Healthy Start of the Day


8. Low-Fat Cheese

After a night of slumber, it always pays to start the day with a high-energy breakfast. The calories should also be kept at a minimal. This minimizes the likelihood of encouraging body fat. It is therefore advisable to incorporate low fat cheese in any morning snack or breakfast.

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9. Whole Wheat Muffins

Instead of the usual muffins made from highly processed wheat flour, you may need to consider using whole-wheat flour. This ensures that the muffins are not only nutritious, but also rich in fiber.


10. Soy-Protein Shake

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Soy-Protein shake is one of the easiest meals to make for breakfast. The diet is also very rich in proteins and has minimal calories. A person is therefore able to get a boost of energy without having to worry about adding extra weight.


11. Fresh fruits

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© Syda Productions – Fotolia.com

Consuming fruits for breakfast is always recommended. Fruits are usually rich in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and natural sugars. This provides quick energy to the body and helps improve immunity.


12. Smoothies

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© pilipphoto – Fotolia.com

Rather than going for ready made or packed smoothies, you may consider making an all-natural smoothie. This will entail using fresh fruits and preparing it the previous night. This diet will also appeal to young children.


13. Milk

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© Printemps – Fotolia.com

Milk is rich in essential nutrients. These include calcium, proteins, fats, and much more. A glass of milk will therefore provide the various ingredients. It may be drank on its own or mixed with breakfast cereals. Additionally, it may also be used in making milk shakes, or smoothies.


The above foods will ensure that a person feels energized and ready to face the day. The high fiber content ensures that the food stays in the stomach much longer. This minimizes food craving which usually leads to snacking on high sugar foods. Additionally, since the diet contains low calories, a person is less likely to add on excess body fat or weight.


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