How To Safely Drive In Foggy Conditions


Getting caught up in foggy weather is one of the worst experiences that any driver would want to go through. This is because the visibility becomes very poor at times and as a result, accidents occur very easily even when the driver is a pro. Driving in foggy weather, especially for people who are not familiar with it is sometimes tricky and hard. What are the rules that are involved and what safety tips can one apply to ensure that any accidents don’t occur. Below are some Dos and Doesn’t  of driving in foggy weather.

1. The first rule to adhere to when caught up in the fog is to always reduce speed up the speed level that is appropriate under the weather conditions. Just to be sure that you are driving at the right speed, you can check the speedometer.

2. Another crucial safety measure of driving in foggy weather is ensuring that the headlights are on and dipped. This is actually a requirement by law in most countries. In addition, insurance companies are concerned about this if an accident occurs in foggy weather. Not having the headlights on in foggy weather may nullify an insurance claim.

3. Having your car equipped is very necessary, especially if you live in an area where there’s foggy weather every now and then. Turn them on if it becomes foggy and off when it is no longer foggy. In addition, learn how to turn them on and off to avoid confusion and uncertainty when caught up in this weather. These lights really help to improve visibility in foggy weather.

4. The driver should be on the lookout for other vehicles whose headlights aren’t on. This will involve looking and listening carefully. There may not be other drivers with their headlights off, but you never know and after all better safe than sorry. If you cannot see clearly, it won’t hurt to stop for a few minutes and proceed when you deem safe to do so. In addition, you can lower the car window to listen to any other traffic more clearly.

5. Ensure that you leave a reasonable space between the vehicles in front of you and behind you to avoid a collision at all times. This rule is commonly known as the two-second rule and though it may sound foolish at times, it is as crucial to safety driving in foggy weather as any of the other rules.

6. You should never ever consider driving on any other lane other than yours under any circumstances. In addition, driving in the middle of both lanes is a bad idea even if the intention was to overtake another vehicle. To do the above will get the driver involved in an accident that may be fatal sooner than later.

fog on a highway

7. When stopping or slowing down your car, do not forget to look in the rear view mirrors to avoid any collision with vehicles behind you. In addition, deciding to go faster just get farther away from a vehicle behind you is a bad idea. You may up hit a vehicle ahead of you or veering off the road both of which you do not want to happen on any day of the year.

8. Constantly use the defroster and the windshield wiper speed to ensure that more moisture droplets than necessary does not accumulate on the windshield as this can reduce your visibility considerably.

9. If the fog gets too bad that you can’t see the road, you can consider stopping on the side of the road and wait for it to reduce. If you decide to this, leave the lights on so that other motorists are aware that you are there.

10. When caught up in the fog, do not under any circumstances use your headlights under high beam. This is mainly because it will get reflected off the fog and this will reduce the visibility further thus making driving harder.

Driving in fog should be done with the uttermost care if one is to make it to their destination safely. This means that all the above rules and tips are taken into consideration and that one should avoid any distractions whatsoever while on the wheel. One final tip though; listening to the weather updates ahead of the journey may prepare you psychologically for the journey. As a result driving in fog may not seem as awful as it really is.



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