Funny Epic Snake Chase Prank


We all love to see a good epic prank pulled on unsuspecting people and one was done by Sam Pepper and friends with a fake snake. It is pretty funny how people will react when they think a snake is behind them. I think the only thing funnier than this is that I had a friend who was cleaning his boat out once and he walked on water trying to get away as he was yelling “snake in the boat!” He is still getting teased about it and that was a real snake.

Roman Atwood’s pranks are pretty funny and this one is even funnier because he decided to set up by the beach and watch what happened when a plastic snake was hooked to the back of people as they walked down the beach. People are pretty easy to get to, as they lightly hooked this plastic terror behind them on backpacks and purses. Then they came up and said “woo snake” and they began screaming and running off like it was real!


These people were hilarious too as you see older women actually doing the shuffle on the boardwalk as they think a snake is chasing them. Three unsuspecting girls start running like nine year olds as they think a snake is chasing them and laughing and screaming as they run faster than they have in probably months. One lady turns around and starts slapping the guys around and laughing as she figures out it is not real.

Two lades start screaming and running on to the beach as they are being followed by a plastic snake. The funniest part is seeing the ladies and gentlemen who are older start high stepping to run away from this snake and you have never seen these people run like this.

If you love pranks you will love this one because people start screaming immediately and running. There were three girls that ran off three directions as they saw the snake not even stopping to figure out it might be a fake snake. People just start running like no tomorrow.

One guy even got mad! Because he said his mom was scared and it was too funny. all over a rubber snake. These girls and guys were terrified! Roman Atwood does it again as he scares these unsuspecting people and what is so funny is they just start running and screaming, as the snake is bouncing behind them.These people must have been very relaxed because these guys caught them totally off guard which is the best kind of epic prank.

These guys get kudos for surprising girls for sure. I think they like hearing girls scream and run away however it wasn’t just girls there were some older ladies and they were frightened to death over a plastic snake bouncing behind them and it was too funny to watch.

This prank was so funny I can’t wait to see what these guys come up with next as they prank an unsuspecting public for fun be sure to watch the hilarity.



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