5 Benefits of Lemon for Beauty


The lemon is a small inexpensive fruit that comes packed with many skin care and hair care benefits. It is also loaded with vitamin C which plays a key role in a person having glowing healthy skin. The juice from a lemon is an excellent cleanser, bleach agent, and exfoliant. Because of the antibacterial properties that are found in lemon juice it can remove the oiliness that causes pimples from your skin. You can also add lemon juice to other natural items like aloe Vera, honey and more. Lemon juice has so many beauty benefits it is hard to put all of them into an article. But Here are five benefits of using lemon for beauty:

1. Facial scrub—to make a facial mask you will need to add other ingredients to the mask. Take one tablespoon of olive oil, honey, and lemon to which you will add a half teaspoon of sugar. The lemon juice acts as a bleaching and cleansing agent while the olive oil and honey will moisturize your skin. All of the ingredients will help to remove all dead skin cells. Mix the ingredients in a small bowl and put it all over your face and neck but be careful to not get any in or around your eyes. Massage in for sixty seconds and then rinse off with cold water, patting your skin dry. Finish it up by applying a moisturizer cream to your body.

2. Stretch marks—the acids found in lemon juice can help fade the marks by either adding lemon juice to other skin care products to put on the stretch marks or straight on your stretch marks. The easiest method is to rub lemon juice into your stretch marks. Leaving it on to dry before you rinse it off. It does not stain your bed clothes so it is safe to leave on overnight. You would need to do this each day.

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3. For your hair care—using lemon juice mixed with olive oil or coconut oil massage it into your scalp to help stimulate your hair to grow. Lemon juice can also help to reduce the dandruff by using a mixture of equal amounts of vinegar and lemon juice to aid in removing the clogged follicles that causes oily skin.

4. As an anti-aging project—citrus fruits like lemons, will help to give you young healthful looking skin. In the morning when you first get up drink a glass of lemon and water with a teaspoon of honey. Drink this each day to detoxify your body. Rub the lemon directly on your skin for approximately sixty minutes to help combat wrinkles.

5. Your nails—put some lemon juice in a cup and dip your fingers in the solution before you go to bed each day for twenty-one days. Leave your hands in the solution for fifteen minutes. While doing this treatment make sure that you are not wearing nail polish for the first fourteen days.



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