Surprise Wedding Performance with Harlem Shake Dance


A wedding is usually an event that has so many expectations. To some people it is the day to make history that they have become a couple. On the other hand, several others may feel that weddings are events to share one’s joy of being united with their loved ones in marriage. Whichever way, weddings are events that involve so many activities ranging from dancing to eating and drinking. A wedding that lacks a wedding dance is seen as incomplete. For this reason, many event arrangers usually slot in some time for the wedding dance.


The moment when the couple take the dance floor is always inevitable in all weddings. At this time the crowd becomes quiet and the couple starts shedding tears of happiness. It is a very important aspect of any wedding where the man and wife share their first dance as one. Therefore whenever planning a wedding, ensure that there is room for the wedding dance. However, in spite of the fact that a number of wedding dances follow a certain outline, some wedding planners usually put the wedding dance as a surprise for both the groom and the bride or even one of them. As such you should be ever prepared.



A surprise wedding performance with a Harlem dance thrills the crowd so much making the whole event even livelier. In some instances, the dance may be in favor of the couple’s preference. This can be depended on their taste for flash as well entertainment. The Harlem Shake dance involves people dancing with one their shoulders as the pivot and the other popping out. Whichever outline, a wedding dance does much more than just entertaining the crowd.

Different people have their own styles of wedding dances. Mostly, wedding dances will differ from one region to the other. Regardless of the style of the wedding performance what is important is the theme of the first dance. It acts as a sign of love between two people who have been joined together as man and wife.


Traditionally, the wedding dance is initiated by the couple. They are given the chance to dance alone on the dance floor. Several dance styles such as the foxtrot, waltz as well as rumba are popular among many weddings. However, the newlyweds are at liberty to ask for a slow but romantic tune especially during a cheek to cheek dance. It is important to note that dancing during the wedding has to take a certain direction and follow a certain rhythm. As such learning how to dance together is a key element in any wedding performance. For instance, for people to assume the Harlem Shake, a lot of practice is needed. This ensures that everybody moves with the beats.

There is some significance though in dancing together. The proper coordination of beats and rhythm gives the couple a chance to virtually teach the newlyweds how to be joyful with one another. Learning to dance together therefore, will go a long way in helping them understand each other in a different perspective, an intimate one even. For you to make the best wedding dance, it is always advisable that you practice beforehand.



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