Important Things You Should Always Have In Your Car


Vehicles have become more of a necessity than a luxury in this modern world. The need to move from one pace to another fast is the reason why people own cars. Though they are convenient, they need to be taken care of. To improve your experience with your vehicle, there are things that should always be in your car for safety as well as repair purposes. Below are ten of the most important things that should always be in your car:

Fire Extinguisher

Though overlooked by most people; a fire extinguisher is one of the crucial items that should always be in a car. In case of a fire breakout in your car or in an environment where there is no other extinguishing option, this item will come in handy. It is safer to have the extinguisher in your car than to risk watching a fire consume something at the campsite, inside your car or wherever you are.

Spare Tire

This cannot be emphasized enough. While most people do not pay attention to their spare tire, they get frustrated when the car gets a puncture. It is not always that you are in an area with a vehicle repair shop close by, sometimes you are far away and a puncture comes your way. Having a well inflated tire in your trunk will go a long way in saving you time and the frustrations associated with walking long distances to have the tire repaired. If possible, when travelling far, have more than one spare tire.

Jumper Cables

If you have owned a car for a while, then you know the battery troubles that leave your car useless. Well, things do not have to be that bad always especially if you keep well functioning jumper cables in the trunk. Most drivers will help you out and help by jump starting your vehicle and keeping you moving.

Oil and Lubrication

Oil is essential for the proper functioning of the engine and when there is a leak or the oil needs to be topped up, a can of oil will come in handy. This should be carried together with lubrication products to ensure all movable joints are working smoothly.

Jack and repair kit

It will be pointless to have a spare tire without a jack and tire changing tools such as a wheel spanner. When you get a flat tire, you will need the jack to lift up the vehicle to enhance the tire changing process. You can also throw in a tire repair kit which includes a pump, glue and other items that will facilitate the repair of a punctured tire.

Set of basic necessities


It is not always that you will travel during the day. When the car develops mechanical problems at night, you will need a source of light and a good flashlight will do the trick. Always ensure the torch batteries are good and if they are rechargeable, charge once in a while to avoid disappointments.

Owner’s Manual

The owner manual should always be in the glove compartment. This manual has a lot of information about the car and can offer great assistance in case of a mechanical breakdown. Some of the steps explained include oil changes, tire change and basic repairs that you can handle by yourself.
Duct Tape

Small as it may seem, duct tape is very important in a car. From insulating electric cables to holding broken parts together, it is one of the items that should not be left behind. It is small and thus will not take up much space.

Food and Water

Food and water in the car are as important as they are in the house. If you are travelling on long distances especially where there are no shops along the road, it is essential that you have ample water supply and sacks. The snacks should be high energy dry products that can last a while before expiring

Emergency Kit

Have your own emergency kit filled with all items that you find important. Some of the things that you should include in the list are; a first aid kit with all necessary items including painkiller and antibiotics, a blanket, a battery powered radio, maps, road flares, portable battery charger, shovel, scarves, gloves, a gas can, and emergency money.



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