When Your GirlFriend Doesn’t Like You Play Video Games


Having a boyfriend who is continuously plays video games can be so stressful. Maybe you are thinking that there is no way to get him off the screen. There are many ways you can use to stop him from playing video games all. You just have to take matters into your own hands and in no time you will be able to tame him to do other activities rather than playing video games. The following tips are easy to use and you are guaranteed of the results you will get.

These tips include :

1. Gag him

Look for something that you can tie around his face, probably a wire or a thin piece of cloth. Tie his face and pull him around for some time. By just distracting him for some time, you will be able to get him off the game he is playing.

2. Tying a rope on his chair

You need to tie a rope under his movable chair without him noticing you. Just when he is in at the climax of the game, tow the chair he is sitting in and he will get pissed off. He may get mad for some time but at least you have gotten him off the rhythm of the game.

3. Spitting water on his head

Take a mouthful of water and spit it on his head. It will make him leave his chair without having to think twice.

4. Boxing him

If you have some boxing gloves lying around in the house, you can wear them and have some boxing lessons on him. Just be gentle on him because you would like to hurt him.

5. Take a jab on his neck

When he is busy playing the video game, take a jab behind his neck and he will be completely startled and he will have to abandon his video game, at least for a while. By breaking the rhythm of his play, he will finally abandon the game

6. Place a cat on his head

If you have a cat in the house, you can use it to stop your boyfriend’s bad habit. Just shove it on top of his head and by the time the cat touches the ground, he is playing pads will be on the ground too. If you do not own a cat, you can borrow it from a girlfriend.

7. Use a water gun

If you have a water gun, in the house then you may find it very useful in a situation like this. By giving him a few shots of water, you will get him off his seat.

8. Doing star jumps in front him

You can do star jumps in front him and if you have a whistle with you, it will make it even more interesting. He will just have no other option but to abandon playing the video game.

9. Beating a drum

If you have a drum in your house, beating it around him will make him lose his concentration on the game. If you do not own a drum, you use anything that makes loud noise

10. Tape him on his chair

If he likes just sitting on his chair, you can have him glued to it permanently by using a tape. Just wrap the tape around him and make sure the face too has some tape on it.



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