T-Mobile’s New Jump Plan Review


T-Mobile just publicized its new Jump Upgrade plan, and it is very different. As far as I am aware, no other mobile network in the world has a smartphone upgrade plan like this. If you have not already read about the fundamentals on Jump, let me break it down for you.

This plan allows you to upgrade your T-Mobile smartphone on one of the carrier’s new Simple Choice plans every 6 months. The essence is that you pay a $10 fee every month on top of your existing bill. This fee includes phone insurance, which is awesome, and you sign up for this fee when you buy a smartphone on Simple Choice Plan. You pay the normal device upfront cost, usually between $99 and $150, and the same $20 / month (subject to credit approval) no-interest installments to pay off the phone. Except after 6 months of these payments, T-Mobile will let you get a brand new phone (again, same down payment and monthly installments), and you trade in your old one.

Think of it like leasing a car. You are, basically, leasing a phone. You can choose to keep it as long as you want, and you are not obligated to ever return it if you do not use a Jump upgrade. You just pay it off like any other T-Mobile phone. Or, you can exchange it after 6 months and get a new handset. Here are some common questions asked about this plan:


How exactly can an Individual Join the Jump? 

This plan is available at any participating T-Mobile store as well as online. Currently, the plan is obtainable only in places where the EIP -Equipment Installment Plan financing is available.


Is The T-Mobile Jump an actual Plan or just Something to Add to an Individual’s Plan?

Jump is a non-compulsory feature which is added to the monthly plan of an individual either when he’s buying the handset on EIP or maybe within fourteen days of acquisition. It can be stopped at any time of your choice; however, it can’t be added back up until the subsequent phone is bought. The service plans continues to be reasonably priced because it detach the lower monthly service fee from the phone payment so that you know precisely what you are paying for hence be able to save unlike the competition.

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Must an Individual Have a Particular Plan in order To Take Part in Jump?

Any client with an eligible handset on a qualified Simple Choice Plan who happened to finance a new handset within the last fourteen days or that client ready to purchase a new phone by using the EIP financing, can join the Jump. In case you are a current client with other Value Plan Types, you may also be eligible.


What Does an Individual Pay If He Upgrades a New Handset After 6months?

Provided that the phone an individual is trading doesn’t have water damages and is not cracked, you will have to pay up a down payment only for the subsequent phone when you are ready and willing to actually upgrade. With Jump plan, enrolled clients can exchange their presently financed and operating T-Mobile handset and any extra EIP balance shall be settled. They will be able to pay a similar pricing as new clients for their subsequent financed handset on approved credit.


What Happens When an Individual Wants a New Phone?

Immediately the first 180 days waiting period over, you are eligible to exchange your current qualified handset and then upgrade. Simply exchange the current functioning and financed handset so as to be given a new phone by visiting a T-Mobile store.

At majority of T-Mobile stores, you will be able to get an instant exchange credit that pays any remaining balance. After which you can select your new handset and then give a down payment.


What Happens If an Individual Loses His Phone or Gets it Damaged Before trading it in?

Jump plan program includes the Premium Handset Protection that insures mechanical breakdown, loss, accidental damage and theft offers a replacement handset after the deductible or processing fee has been paid. If the handset is spoiled and does not successfully pass the three-point inspection at the trade-in, the client will have to claim for the spoiled phone under their Premium Handset Protection. The client should then pay up the deductible or processing fee so as to replace the phone for exchange before upgrading. Nevertheless, all these can be done in a single visit to any participating T-Mobile Store. In case a client wants to only file a claim and not process upgrades, then can call the seller directly, without having to visit a store.

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Are Phones that Are Not T-Mobile Qualified?

Only the handsets sold out by T-Mobile and bought via EIP are qualified for Jump exchange as well as Upgrades. T-Mobile does not run a separate exchange program which will give clients very competitive exchange values for devices that are not T-Mobile. A new client may exchange his non-T-Mobile handset and use that exchange value credit to activate Simple Choice Plan otherwise purchase a new handset with EIP that can be enrolled in Jump program.


What Actually Happens To the Traded Phone After Upgrading With Jump?

After the used phone has been received at the exchange center, the phone will then be inspected and tested. All your personal data and company IT polices will be removed from the phone. After the data has been cleansed, there are 3 possible paths the handset may take:

  • Used as replacement or loner phone for the phone replacement program,
  • Recycled and re-sold to wholesalers and retailers as cheap phone alternatives for customers,
  • Transported to recycling associates and melted into precious metals.


In conclusion, you must be asking yourself whether you should get a Jump Plan. Well, that all depends. First, you need to be willing to live with T-Mobile service, and depending on where you live, that can be easier said than done. If you are already planning on or have bought a device on down payment with Simple Choice Plan, there is really no reason not to get in on Jump. You get to upgrade your handset more frequently without worrying about selling your old one and it is just $120 more a year. If you are a T-Mobile customer planning on sticking around for a while, this is should be a very attractive value proposition for you. Hopefully, the above T-Mobile, plan, jump, plan, review, cell phone, upgrade, price, and other basics about the whole plan will help you a great deal in making the right decision.



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