Funny Moment On Daily Live TV Show You Must Watch


Watch Funny Moment During a Friday Daily show on Channel 5 , one of TV Show Host Start Walking to scene¬† and you have to see what’s happen and you can’t stop laughing .




He plans to give an example of defensive lapses. While He is giving the cat walk on live TV, he takes a fall. He claims that one of the other announcers shook him up and that is ultimately what escalated the fall.

His is then start talking with people on back scene and saying I Knew this thing gonna happen cause this stage and decoration is not safe enough . He tripped over a wire and the men contemplated where the wire even came from, then begins to question whether one of the men he was working with set him up to fall.

It was an extremely funny moment that gave all the men in the studio a good laugh. After he took the fall, he then makes light of the situation by falling again. The video went viral and is a fun thing to watch if you are looking for a good laugh.


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