20 Questions You Should Never Ask in a Job Interview


Do you know that during a job interview, there are certain questions which should not be asked? There are also certain terms that will be noticed when going for a job interview. This can be found in the likes of job,interview,question,interview question,salary,success,company,hire just to mention a few. Having known all these, where is now the catch? Is it on the 20 questions you should never ask in a job interview? Well, reading through the rest part of this article will help on the 20 questions you should never ask in a job interview.

To be factual, a job interview is a two-way street. It is clear that the employers often ask questions to know if the employee is an ideal fit for the job post. The smarter employee uses the interview period to know how to fit in effectively. This period will also help an employee to position their plan so as to suit the employer’s plan. In fact, an employee can also use this moment to do their best concerning the job position in question. It is important for candidates to ask questions so as to know if the job suits their career objectives and path. The idea of a two-way interview option is often lost by candidates especially in this period of high global unemployment crisis. In most cases, it seems like the employers have all the cards to play. In case you don’t want to be choosy, it is important to be ready in asking all questions to select the best fit for the job. On the part of an employee, it is better to check if the job will suit your plan and goals. Also, it is often better to check if the employer will be convinced by your skill and expertise. The only way that a candidate can assume the job is for them is by asking the interviewer the right questions. It basically means employee may be interviewing an employer or vice-versa. If you ask rightful questions, there is every possibility to know the company’s culture and growth developments. You will also be clear of the manager’s leadership style and if the job is the best to an employee.

Normally, there is often a time that an employer gives you an opportunity to ask questions. It is always toward the end of the discussion. Though, not everyone takes this opportunity. Some candidates get frozen and are caught off-guard when offered an opportunity to ask questions. This may be because such employee feel they have the right information to know if the job is for them or not. Some other candidates may be having the notion of not annoying their employer by asking questions in the interview. In fact, some candidates will realize that at the end of the interview that they may not be interested in the job. For this reason, they may not be happy asking any question during the course of the interview. In case you are not interested to pick the job, it is often better not to ask any final question. If you are interested in the job and fail to ask any question, then there is risk attached to be given such position. It is often counted as a big risk to take when facing an interview.

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From research and feasibility study, many managers have reported that not asking good questions has remained a determinant to selecting an employee during interview. If you don’t have any question to ask, there is every possibility that a candidate has no confidence for the job or not interested. In case the ball is thrown at your court to ask questions, do it. It is important to know that hiring managers appreciates engaged discussion and value an inquisitive mind. This may be the best opportunity to know if the job is yours or not. Now, with all the explanation made, what are the 20 questions you should never ask in a job interview? With the enumerated points listed below, a candidate will have the basic knowledge on the 20 questions you should never ask in a job interview

1. Never ask how quickly you can be promoted.
It is often the mistake of candidate to ask how quickly they can be promoted. This will give the hiring manager a clear picture that you are not after delivering quality service, but interested in company’s promotion. For this reason, it is better to avoid this type of question.

2. Never ask of details that can be easily derived using Google search.
The fact that a candidate may be too lazy to do research, it is important not to ask question pertaining to this aspect in a job interview. Always give yourself enough time to use Google or other search engine in getting basic information of the company in question. It will prepare your attention greatly before the job interview.

3. Alawyas never ask if the company monitors internet and e-mail usage.
The privacy of the company may be on this factor. For this reason, always avoid questions relating to company’s regulation on the internet and e-mail usage.

4. Never ask if you can alter job salary, details and schedule.
Some hiring managers may count it as intruding into the company private issue.

5. Never ask of a side-talk you heard.
This is even showing your inability to maintain a given job position. Ensure to get rid of this type of habit.

6. Never ask question relating to your interviewer’s background.

7. Never ask your hiring manager if they are into background check.

8. Never ask on other positions in the company after being hired for a given job.

9. Never ask on things that the company operates on.

10. Never ask of benefits, pay, time-off.
On this aspect, you can wait until when asked to do so.

11. Don’t over ask questions concerning the company’s leadership and culture.

12. Don’t ask annoying questions with respect to the company’s last project. You can only check through the company’s past project to know how things move.

13. Don’t ask questions showing a negative way of handling the company’s immediate problem wrongfully.

14. Don’t be too inquisitive on asking on the required skills for a given job position.

15. Never ask questions with respect to the past person handling the position you are given.

16. Never ask question showing your inability to excel in the position offered to you.

17. Don’t be too inquisitive to ask questions on meeting your manager.

18. Never ask or have negative reasons for working in the named company.

19. Never ask question on the time and culture the company allocate to workers.

20. Never ask questions concerning your continue education process quickly.

Reading through all the questions above will help great when attending an interview.



  1. Now that is a bad list. 1/3 of the those are the questions you should be asking and another 3rd don’t make any sense.


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