10 Most Common Ways Kids Can Damage a House


Kids can readily damage a house through some of their actions. Most of these actions are usually innocent with the kids thinking that they are just doing the right thing. But some damaging actions are deliberate and hence the kids need to be monitored and guided. Here are 10 most common ways kids can damage a house:

1. One of the most common ways that kids can damage a house is through playing aggressive games indoor. Such games include those that entail throwing objects such as balls. When such objects are thrown by kids, there is a high likely hood that the thrown object will hit something such a light bulb, break a widow pane or other objects that can break easily. Parents should encourage their kids to play with such objects only while outdoors.

2. Another way that kids can readily damage a house is through riding things such as bicycles and toys with rough wheels. Such actions can readily either damage the carpet or the floor. Such actions done by the children can also cause accidents which not only cause pain on the kids, but also damages the toys. Therefore, it is advisable for parents to buy their children only toys that can be used conveniently indoors and also discourage the kids from riding their bicycles indoor.

3. Kids can also damage a house by playing with dirt and paint which can be smeared on the wall. Playing with such things give the kids an opportunity to experiment painting and smearing dirt on the walls and other places in the house. The ideal way of preventing this is keeping paints and things that can be used to draw or smear the walls away from the kids.

4. Pouring foods and drinks on the floor and on other objects inside a home can readily damage a house. This is especially when the food or drink is hard or impossible to remove. This kind of damage is likely to be done by a small baby who needs mom’s supervision so as to eat and drink properly. So, no mom should leave their small baby with food or something to drink especially when there are no adults around.

5. Playing in the kitchen or any other place where there is fire can also damage a home when done by kids. This is because the kids’ curiosity can make them attempt to disturb the fire which can readily spread to other objects in the house. The ideal way of avoiding this is making the children know that fire is dangerous and also keeping them away from fire as possible.

6. Kids who have reached the age of going to the bathroom on their own can also cause damage to the house by leaving the water running especially in sinks and bathtubs. This can even cause a plumbing problem which would require the services of a professional plumber to fix. The ideal way of avoiding this is ensuring that such a kid is always supervised while going to the bathroom.

7. A baby can also damage a house while playing with pets especially indoors. This happens when the kid takes the pet into the wrong places such as in shelves and compartments which can readily fall and damage the house. The ideal method of ensuring that kids plays with the pets in the appropriate places is through keeping the rooms in which the baby or the pets should not enter closed whenever there is no adults around.

Baby hands painting.

8. Kids can also damage a house through playing with electronics and other objects which are connected to electricity power. Such kids can readily short circuit the gadgets consequently causing electricity oriented accidents. The best way of avoiding such a problem is through ensuring that all electric sockets are at places where the kids cannot reach. It is also important for the mom, dad or any other mature member of the family to supervise kids while playing near electronic gadgets.

9. Kids can also damage a house through playing aggressive games while outside the house. Some of such games include football and other games that might involve kicking or throwing objects. The objects can readily hit a window or a door pane and hence parents should discourage their kids from playing such games which involves kicking and throwing objects while very close to the houses.

10. Children using remote controlled toys such as dummy planes and vehicles can readily damage a house regardless of whether playing indoor or outdoor. This is because kids who do not have ample experience in controlling the toys can crush them into various objects such as widow panes. Parents should always supervise their kids so as to ensure the do not cause any damage while using these toys.



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