Facebook Paper App – Review and Specification


Facebook is clearly the leading social media site. One reason why this company remains at the top of the pack is because of the creative ideas they have. Facebook is all about innovation. It is not that people were not chatting online before it came; they just revolutionized how people communicate online. What else will they revolutionize? If you have not been updated, the world’s biggest social media network is planning to change how stories are told. How would you like to read your favorites like you would read a newspaper? This is possible through the new mobile app going by the name Facebook Paper.

The Facebook Paper app will completely revise how you access the site. At the moment in order to access Facebook people used News Feed on the website or the Facebook mobile app. Generally, this is like a stream of data from all the people you follow and friends. However, when the app is released on 3rd of February, it will make it easier to follow your interests. The app will compile your Facebook content in sections just like a newspaper allowing you to stay up to date with your favorites.

According to a review of the app, Paper is by far better the current Facebook mobile app. It might take some time to grasp how it works but once you do so you will find it to be much better. It is probably easier to use but as of now people can only speculate just how good the app will be. One thing that is confirmed is that it is possible to customize the app. You can add several other sections about a variety of topics from fashion and design, food and science to photography and travel. Each of these sections includes a healthy abundance of content from well-known publications and experts in the area.

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Design is one specification that the guys at Facebook never fail to deliver at its best. Perhaps the most interesting feature of Paper’s design is that it allows you to scroll sideways. Instead of thumbing vertically, you can thumb sideways through the smartly designed cards for each post. This is clearly different from what people have always been used to doing.

It has taken quite some time for the concept of Paper to be developed fully. According to several reviews, this app is more like a flip-book that you will most definitely find easier to use as it is more organized. When you tilt you phone you can explore panoramic photos from corner to corner. Videos will also play full-screen automatically. Do you wonder how your post will look like before you share it? Now this must be the most interesting thing about Paper. You will have a chance to get a live preview of how your posts or photos will look like before posting.

So basically Facebook Paper is here to revolutionize social media further. It will definitely be a worthwhile app and people can only cross their fingers waiting in anticipation. With Paper, you will never be behind news of your favorites.



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