Best Funny and Perfect Pool Dunk Ever


There are a lot of things you can do when you have a lot of free time in your hands. It even becomes even more interesting when you have ten other guys to do random things with. The following video is a short clip about how eleven guys manage to pull off a standard basketball dunk, with the ball being passed around ten people, and the final one doing the dunk. However, there is one thing to note about this particular dunk. In the realm of basketball where dunks are made on solid wood, this video tops all eleven-man dunks done on the ground. I think This is one of most perfect perform a basketball dunk while diving into a pool on internet.


It starts off with a guy in roller skates catching a ball that was seemingly thrown toward him. He catches the ball and passes it onto the second guy before diving in. The second guy is on a skateboard while wearing nothing but swimwear, and catches the ball from the first one. After moving past the third guy who is doing a headstand beside the pool, he places the ball in between the third guy’s feet. The fourth person runs toward the third guy doing the headstand with the ball between his feet, takes the ball from the third person, and jumps over him. As he dives into the pool, he passes the ball just seconds before both him and the ball reach the water. The fifth person dives in as well, as he catches the ball passed to him by number four. This goes the same way for the sixth man, who was standing on the other side of the pool before he dives, catches, and promptly passes the ball before hitting the water.


The series of chains of guys catching the passed ball while diving into the pool, and passing it out before it touches the water continue for about five more people. One particular thing to note about this is that the angle and place from which they are seen approaching the pool gets more drastic each time. They come from various areas surrounding the pool, with the tenth person seen jumping from an elevated area. The tenth man, just like his previous comrades, catches the ball as he is seen mid-air, and passes it to the last person, before jumping into the swimming pool. The last person, whose ability to shoot determines whether the video becomes an epic win or an epic fail, catches the ball from person number ten; and, with all eyes on him, dunks the ball into the basketball hoop stationed on the pool’s edge. Check it out below.

A piercing cry of victory could be heard at the end of the video, with all the other guys celebrating their epic summer basketball shot. This is certainly orchestrated, and practice might have been called for, but it was certainly stunning to see that they had pulled it off. You’ll even notice how carefully timed each shot was made, seeing how each person made accurate and well-timed entrances to the pool.



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