10 Ways To Entertain Yourself While Your Girlfriend or Wife is Shopping


It is possible to avoid boredom and actually get entertained in unlimited ways as your girlfriend or wife does the shopping. Shopping malls no longer make you bored as they allow you to do more exciting things other than shopping itself. You would of course have your own preferences as far as entertaining activities are concerned, but here is a few that will most likely work for you.

1. Watch Sports
If you choose to let your girlfriend do the shopping, consider watching your favorite games. Many shopping malls do offer a wide range of facilities for this kind of entertainment. You can watch any live sports activities on big screens and cheer on your favorite or even home teams in good company of your buddies. If you are like most men, then sports will definitely take a special place with all the fun and entertainment it brings.
2. Play Games
Want some exercise? You can play chase or a video game with a buddy to work out your brains, or even enjoy real sporting activities for cardio workout. Some malls may offer bowling, adventure golf, indoor skiing, skate boarding or a variety of games you can mentally or physically participate in. Choose a game you love and you can be sure to get entertained even for a few minutes before your girlfriend or wife is through with shopping.
3. Watch Movies
Check if the shopping mall has a cinema and spend your time there for some entertainment with movies. If your girlfriend takes more time while shopping, you will definitely not get bored as cinemas will always show the latest films. In this fast paced modern life, you should always take every small opportunity that comes your way for some entertainment of this sort.
4. Dine At A Restaurant
If you just entered the shopping mall but would rather let your girlfriend do the shopping, then dining at a restaurant section is not a bad idea. You can enjoy some bites, coffee or any favorites on the menu. A show may also be on to watch. You will probably not realize how fast she will be done with shopping and join you before leaving back home.

Mann und Frau in Kaufhaus mit Tüten
5. Enjoy A Round Of Drinks
A quick round of drinks with friends will not be a disappointing activity while your girlfriend is shopping. It is one of those opportunities to chat with your friends and get to know how they are doing. Depending on the time available and what friends may suggest, you could probably manage to engage in even more entertaining activities.
6. Check Out Theater Shows
If the shopping where your girlfriend will be shopping has a theater, you may want to find out the current entertainment shows. Different types of live performances including comedy shows might help you spend your time well.
7. Visit The Art Gallery
If you love art, enter into the art gallery section of the shopping mall if available. Different works of art might not just entertain but also educate you in many ways. There must be some creative art pieces you will love to see and make your time at the shopping mall worthwhile.
8. Check Out Live Performances
Find out if the shopping mall you visit with your wife offers any opportunities to enjoy live performances. Many entertainment facilities within malls might provide live events of all kinds. You really can’t get bored as such performances will definitely entertain you.
9. Swimming Pool And Spa
Go shopping with your girlfriend or wife at one of the modern shopping malls that have swimming pool and spa facilities. As she does the shopping, you can relax by the poolside or even enjoy swimming among other activities that might be available. Spa treatment will also definitely go a long way in providing the relaxation you need from the hustle and the bustle of life in the city.
10. Take A Ride
Wondering what to do after dropping your wife or girlfriend at the shopping mall? Well, that can as well provide the perfect opportunity to enjoy a ride if you happen to have a fancy car you can show off. Drive to any nearby locations on roads that will promise the best views. This could be even more entertaining with some buddies riding along. You will definitely enjoy it before you come back to pick her after shopping.



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