Dynamo Amazing Magic Trick on Lindsay Lohan


When talking about impossible magic, only one name comes along with it: Dynamo. One of the greatest magicians of today’s time, he can perform all the dazzling magic a human eye longs for. Among his favorite performances is either levitating himself and other people, and there’s only one word that every viewer can say: he is just outrageously amazing!

And to prove this point absolute, take for instance the YouTube video of Lindsay Lohan, which took place in a hotel balcony at Los Angeles. In the footage, he levitated the actress while holding her from a stool she is sitting on, and the recording was taken at two different angles. And the presentation becomes far interesting as Dynamo moves his hand back and forth under the actress’s body to prove that there’s nothing below her, before levitating her back on the stool. This similar trick was also performed on Matt Lucas at the Emirates Stadium.


And this implies what? Every video that features him exceeded millions of viewers, not only because the person he’s about to perform magic on is a celebrity, but for the fact that his amazing trick is just never-before-seen and rare. Others may criticize him as fake, but you cannot blame them, right? As one of the underlying principles, every magic has its own flaw. Indeed, magic is not real and there’s an invisible trick behind it, but not for Dynamo!

If his levitation on Lindsay Lohan is not too decent to convince you, check out his other performances on his television show and compiled YouTube videos, and maybe your eyes will eventually bug out and your mind will drive you crazy! Nevertheless, he admitted that he constantly practices to make his magic perfect, and his efforts are actually paying off when he was awarded by the Magician’s Society. It seems that levitation is one of his favourite tricks, and perhaps there’s only one question that boggles your head: How does he do such cool magic? When interviewed and asked, he just said that it’s a secret that he will take to his grave. Perhaps, his intention is to never disappoint every fans and viewers out there, but to prove that an amazing trick is not meant to be exposed and to make your excitement as fulfilling as possible.

If we contemplate this principle, levitation requires a force that will direct the object upward and must equal the Earth’s gravitational pull. In the same manner, a returning force is needed to stabilize that floating object (in this case, a person is actually lifted). Such theory of physics is an excellent form of magic for many years now, but what we usually see amongst the magicians is a lady sleeping on a platform covered with a black cloth or who wears long and elegant dresses. Thus, the video of levitating Lindsay Lohan is a validation that Dynamo can surpass the impossible.

Indeed, regular strolling in streets or crowded places are his preferred venues, unlike in the traditional scenario wherein a magician is about to strut the stage and tag along some gorgeous assistants and magnificent props. It’s not his style really! This amazing man loves to perform where a lot of people can be entertained, and it connotes that his passion for magic is very inspirational.



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