Best Flour Hair Dryer Funny Prank


Do you have a pesky sister or annoying female roommate? You know, the type to wake up extra early and blast their hair dryer when you have off of work or school? Well we have a solution for you! Get a little powder, a hair dryer, and a camera. This is sure to make them think twice about using their hair dryer. It’s a classic prank that makes for a great video.


Step one: you’ll need a candidate. Most likely a female but it could be a male too (We don’t judge). The best person would be someone you know and who would look great with white powder on their face! Study the subject’s movements as they can be quite the routine characters. They may shower the same time every day or just blow dry the sweat off of their face after a workout. Who knows? Follow their routine and act accordingly.

Step two: You will need to identify their hair dryer. This can be done by finding the gun like object, usually in a bathroom, plugged into the wall. It will be located in front of the mirror, for some reason this is quite common. Maybe people like to imagine themselves on a road trip with their hair in the breeze. I don’t know, but this will add to comedic value because they will be shocked with their newly powdered face.

Step three: You need to pick what kind of powder you will use. Either flour or baby powder are acceptable. It depends on the type of face you want them to wear. With flour you will give them the option of wearing a dough face mask and make their hair look like spaghetti. This has more sticking power and will last longer and be much harder to clean up. It will probably make them entirely angrier than the alternative. Baby powder, it is powder and for babies. What’s not to love? Obviously your prank victim will not love this. This will make a great smelling but clumpy mixture that will at least satisfy their sense of smell.

Step 4: Set up everything and get a camera. Time it out perfectly and make sure it is before they use it. Place your powder into the tube where the air comes out. Now sit and wait. This is a great time to plan your reaction, as well as prepare for theirs. When you victim comes in, be patient and defend yourself. You never know how someone will react to being blasted in the face with a hair dryer full of powder. Now watch this funny video and enjoy !

Step 5: Laugh and laugh and laugh! This is funny. Make jokes about how they look like Casper . Make it clever and relevant as it will be part of the video and it should be funny.

Step 6: Find a great place or places and post your prank video to be laughed at and enjoyed by you, your friends and the public. Show your video to your pranked and laugh about it(Hopefully they didn’t kick you out or move out after the prank. If they did, then move on to the next one. You’ll find love one day.) Happy Pranking !


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