5 Ways to Play Pool Like a Pro


To most of the pool players, pool has been just another billiard game great for passing time over. The professional pool player will however tell you otherwise. It is more than just hitting the ball into the hole; it is a science, an art event. It takes math, psychology, and passion, but it is still one of the easiest games to master. Here are tips and secrets to upgrade your game.

1. Choose a good cue

Your body stature and other physical features affect the way you hold and use the cue, and this in turn affects the way you play the game. As such, there are some features of the cue, which must conform to your body features. The wrapper for instance, should fill your hand and feel comfortable to you. If you have large hands, you are better off with a large wrapper. Also, if you are prone to sweat, choose a cue with a material meant to absorb sweat or else you might end up missing and messing up the whole game.

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2. Take your stance

This is the position you take when playing pool. It is very crucial for balance. Generally, your stance should allow space and comfort for your playing arm to swing as freely as possible. Your head and chin should also be as close to the cue as possible. It requires that your feet are shoulder width apart when you take the stance. Furthermore, the foot that matches the bridge (get to that later) should be ahead of the other with the knee bent to the right height. The other foot should remain straight and firmly in place. From there, the body should be adjusted accordingly for comfort without, however compromising this position.

3. The swing

This is the movement of the arm, which the pool player uses to hit the ball. Here are some secrets to guide you in swinging and eventually hitting the ball. First, the swing arm is virtually the only part of your body, which should be moving. Furthermore, it should only be moving from the elbow down. Always make sure that the grip on the cue is gentle. This will allow the wrist and hand, comfort to move freely and gently. Next, the elbow should be raised as high as comfortably possible. This will be a good position for the hand to swing from. Next, you can allow your arm to swing while aiming at the ball until you find the right path.


4. The bridge

This is your other hand, the one placed on the table to support and guide the cue. There is not one specific and most recommended way for how a pool player should position the bridge; it comes to the player naturally over time. However, the most common position is the closed bridge. Here, the player spreads three fingers as wide apart as possible on the table. The index finger too touches the table, but only partially. Next, the thumb is lifted up firmly to create a V shape from where the cue can be supported.

play pool like a professional

5. The mind

One player said that this sport is actually 90% psychological and 10% skills. That is true to some extent, as you have to have just the right amount of confidence to see you through any game against any competitor. You need to have a calm and relaxed mind, focused on the balls and the opponent as well. Otherwise, without psychological strength, your skills may fail you terribly too.

Take note of these tips and secrets and you too will be a professional pool player in no time.



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