20 Tips to Have the Healthiest Night in Your Life


Good healthy sleep is very important in your life. Sound sleep increases energy and overall productivity when you wake up. Good sleep is also crucial in improving the human immune system and proper functioning of the heart. It is therefore important to always ensure that you get eight hours of good sleep so as to improve on your health. Always ensure that your mind is settled when you sleep and that there are no distractions whatsoever.
Good healthy sleep can be achieved if you observe the following ways that are recommended by doctors.

1. Observe a set sleep schedule
Always have a schedule that you try and maintain so that you create a biological timetable that the body will get used to and always maintain. Your body will naturally keep your biological clock so that you get to rest and have a better sleep.

2. Keep and monitor your sleep diary.
A sleep diary can be used to monitor activities that you do and the way they affect how you sleep or how you wake up in the morning. Your diary should show and keep track of food that you eat before you go to bed or the type of physical exercise you do before you slumber and how it affects your sleep in general. Keep track and maintain the best habits so as to have a healthy sleeping lifestyle.

3. Reduce smoking when you are going to bed.
For you to get the perfect sleep, then you should consider reducing on your smoking habits since cigarettes contain nicotine which is a stimulant. The nicotine usually prevents you from falling asleep.

4. Cross check your medication and seek advice.
Many meds that are prescribed normally come with certain side effects, among them being the inability to get sleep. For those drugs that cause insomnia always try and visit your doctor so that he or she can change the dosage for you. This will greatly help in getting you to sleep sound and healthy.

5. Exercise regularly, but not before bedtime.
When you work out in the gym, then the body temperatures are usually elevated and this results to inability to sleep that can last up to five hours. Always exercise at the right time so that when your body cools down it signals the brain to activate melatonin, which makes you drowsy and enables you to sleep.

6. Don’t consume caffeine seven hours before you sleep.
Tea and coffee contain caffeine which is a stimulant an can stay in the body system for as long as eight hours. Always ensure that you don’t take caffeine some hours before sleep as this will make you not to fall asleep.

7. Try and solve your worries in writing.
When you put your mind in a constant stressful and thoughtful state, then the possibility of you getting a peaceful night will be minimal. Always write down what your worries and troubles are and try to get some solution which you write down. The brain will then relax since you will have some answers to your troubles and you will not stay all night thinking of the next step that you are going to take next.

8. Wind down slowly and maintain hygiene before sleeping.
Sleep is a gradual process and you should also prepare well for it. Always brush your teeth and hit a shower so as to make the body feel comfortable and fresh. Organize your morning routine so that you get your mind in a relaxed mode. You can also read a nice book that will comfort you and maybe cheer you up if you are moody.

9. Take a healthy dinner and avoid too much alcohol right before bed.
If you drink alcohol before sleeping, then chances of you getting a healthy and quiet sleep will be minimal. This is because when your alcohol levels drop the brain will signal your body to wake up. Dozing off again will be a nightmare.

10. Include foods with amino acids in your dessert.
Tryptophan Amino acids are chemicals that propel the production of serotonin which is a chemical in the brain that helps the body to feel relaxed. Some of the foods that you should eat as dessert include bananas, nuts and sesame seeds.

11. Always sleep cool under the right temperatures.
For a good night sleep then you should consider adjusting your thermostat so that the conditions in your room are comfortable and at par with your body temperature. Cover yourself with light beddings if temperatures are too high.

Young woman sleeping
12. Use sleep inducing scents in your bedroom.
Scientific research has shown that some scents like lavender and chamomile have an effect in activating the alpha wave activity in the brain that helps in relaxation. Spray your room with the scents and ensure that the pillows are fresh and smell nice too.

13. Avoid noise destruction.
Always avoid noise destruction that can lead to inability to sleep peacefully. Switch off TV’s, radios and loud generators. Soothing sounds and music can also be used to get you in a relaxed mood and help you fall asleep.

14. Put off light sources that can cause destruction.
Sources of light that cause discomfort should be put away. Light is a powerful signal for the brain to be awake and it needs to be managed well so that it does not cause discomfort. Light from devices like phones can pass your closed eyelids and reach the hypothalamus hence resulting to you being awake.

15. Avoid animal destruction.
Pets like dogs and cats can snore at night and make you uncomfortable. Always ensure that you place them in a distance that will not cause disturbance to you.

16. Adjust position of your bed and pillows.
For perfect sleep always keep your spine and neck on a straight line otherwise you will feel uncomfortable and have difficulty in falling asleep.

17. Breathe deeply in and out.
This is a simple method that will reduce your heart rate and make you relaxed; the method is also useful in balancing your blood pressure.

18. Stay calm if you wake up.
If you wake up accidentally then you should consider breathing in and trying to get yourself in a more relaxed position so that you fall back to sleep.

19. Don’t overfeed during dinner.
Avoid eating too much since this will lead to stomach upsets and discomfort. Lunch meals should also not be overdone as this will lure you to sleep and you will have a hard time trying to get sleep at night.

20. Avoid drowsiness before bedtime reaches.
Always avoid getting to sleep before the right time reaches. This is very important since it will help you avoid waking up in the middle of the night, always sleep during the right time so as you wake up fresh in the morning.

Always try and maintain a healthy sleeping routine so that you experience good metabolism that results to you waking up fresh and energetic day after day.


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