Motorola Moto X Smartphone Review


Smartphones are not very smart. This is what many phone makers have said innumerable times as they introduce features that separate their handsets from other leading handsets. Motorola has not been very shy about its much anticipated flagship phone.
Below is a Motorola Moto X Smartphone Review also referred to as the Moto X.

Just how perfect is the smartphone assembled in the United States? Well, it has several new smarter features that anticipate what you require, in a few cases without you having to pick up the handset. It is without any doubt the most customized smartphone ever made. It lets you select from tons of accents and color options. Apart from that, this smartphone has a battery that will easily last through out the day. Motorola plan to turn their fortunes around with this smartphone since it was bought by Google.
Moto X new features

– Touch less control
The feature, which was first used in Google Glasses and then on Chrome’s voice search, lets users control the smartphone using voice commands that have been prefixed with ” OK, Google Now” etc. The feature also allows users to access Google Now, which is Google’s voice based assistant. It collects information and does tasks like setting up alarms, doing currency conversions and even fixing appointments. The most interesting fact is that you don’t require to take the phone out of your pocket or even touch it. If this feature has been enabled, it actively listens to the instructions given by the user and follows them to the latter.

-Quick capture
This smartphone features a shake gesture which opens the cell phones camera app. All you need to do is to shake the phone twice to switch on the camera to capture something instantly and then touch the screen, like the Windows Phone camera application. To take multiple pictures in quick succession, simply touch and hold the smartphone’s screen.

-Active display
An AMOLED screen has been put on the Moto X by Motorola. Such displays can be utilized to selectively display info without interfering with the smartphones battery life in any way. This screen, which was first seen on Nokia smartphones, enables you to view notifications for calls, messages, current time and other events, without unlocking the phone.
-Ability to be customized
The smartphone’s body can be customized with 18 different back covers. The covers have separate color accents for the rings around the camera lenses and the volume off/on buttons. A personal message can also be etched at the smartphones rear.

-Authentication using wireless devices
The smartphone can be set to authenticate whenever a trusted Bluetooth device has been connected or in case the smartphone is adjacent to paired devices such as a Bluetooth headset and a computer. This way you wont have to unlock the phone each time. For instance, if your Bluetooth enabled speaker or laptop is around, your phone will instantly recognize it is in a trusted environment, and it eliminated the need to unlock the phone manually.

Business woman using a smart phone

Other features included in the Moto X are its 8X multiprocessor, that couples a 1.7 GHZ dual core Qualcomm Snapdragon S 4 pro processor with a contextual computing processor, a quad core graphics processor, as well as a natural language processor, 2GB of RAM to make multitasking not only slick but also fast, 32 or 16GB of inbuilt memory that can be expanded using a microSD, and Android to optimize its speed. Similarly to the Android used in the Moto G, the one used in the Moto X closely resembles the software that Google offers. Motorola have worked tirelessly to focus on maximum optimization when it comes to software. The main reason behind this is to ensure that you as the consumer have a smooth and lag free experience when using the Moto X. This smartphone uses the latest version of Android, known as 4.4 kitkat, that very few tablets and smartphones currently run. Motorola has managed to make several small tweaks to the normal Android experience. Among the first apps you notice when using the Moto X is Motorola Migrate, that assists you to move to the Moto X from other Android phones by transferring text messages, call history and even contacts to your newly acquired phone. In a nutshell, even though this phone doesn’t have sky high specifications, it still outshines its competitors with new features such as the advanced voice control.




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