Top 10 Best Internet Security Software 2014


Internet and cyber crime has been on the increase over the past few years. Many internet users have fallen prey to cyber and internet hacking without knowing. The most risky and dangerous thing that can happen is the hacking of your information via the internet. Without any slightest idea many people have released their confidential information to online criminals. Your computer can also be infected and affected with viruses from other software’s or websites. To curb this menace the digital world came up with internet security software’s. The software’s were intended at enhancing internet security by protecting internet softwares, your computer and the data in them.

The softwares keep your computer and its data protected by scanning any filtering any information that gets into your computer and alerts you of any mischievous websites or messages.

The top best internet security softwares of 2014 include the following:
The Kaspersky internet security software
This software is one of the most common softwares used to curb cyber crime and protect computers from hacking. This software protects the firewall and also prevents any aggressive entry of any data into any of your accounts. It enables safe surfing and has parental controls to protect your children from any form of internet exploitation.Kaspersky software has the ability to scan programs and detect any strange or foreign activities in the software. It protects your PC against blocking for hackers who later demand for money before they can unlock it. The software costs $79.95.

Bitdefender internet security software
This software protects you from any online related dangers by keeping a close watch and protecting your emails, social media networks, USB drives, and even your chat conversations. The software costs $39.99. It also has the parental control application to ensure that your children are safe.

The Norton internet security software
This software protects your computer against all kind of threats. It protects social media interactions and has parental controls to keep your children safe. This software is also able to alert you of any dangerous links on your computer. The software costs $49.99.

F-secure internet security software
This security software has parental control tools, a firewall application, email filtering application and a scans application. F-secure also helps in identifying any online and email hacking and warns you before log in into any suspicious links or websites. It costs $59.99.

G-data internet security software
This suite has two scanning engines, firewall application, spam filter application, web protection application and a parental control application. It can also be used to protect our mobile phone. Its cost is $49.95.

The AVG internet security software
AVG security suite helps in Facebook and other social networks protection, website protection and parental monitoring. It provides you with periodic updates the whole day. It protects your computer from all kinds of viruses. The cost is $54.99

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The BullGuard Internet Security
This type of internet security software protects your computer and data from all types of viruses, hacking, spying, spamming and any other infringement from any foreign software. It also has the parental controls to check on your children security. It costs $59.95.

The trend micro titanium suite
The trend micro titanium security software includes the following security tools; the antivirus detector, spy detector, email scanner, a firewall application and the rootkit detector and application protection. It protects your pc against any form of infringement and also has the parental control mode. It costs $79.95.

The Avast internet security
It comes with the following applications; a firewall, a spam filter, a game mode, a safe browsing application and a privacy protection application. It offers total protection for your computer and its data. The software costs $49.99.

The McAfee internet security software
This software protects your computer against any hacking or viruses and also keeps your emails and other data protected, it also prevents you from accessing dangerous websites.

The above security software are the best when it comes to computer protection. They have been rated higher in terms of performance and effectiveness. They are very first in detecting any possible threat on your computer even before you click the log in button. The good thing about these software is that they still protect your computer even when you are not logged in. The security of your PC is very fundamental and should never be underestimated under any circumstances.



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