Should Men Wear Makeup to Look Attractive


Generally, no one should have the need to wear make up just to look attractive; make up is only used to enhance the beauty, not to create beauty.


Women are put on a higher stool than men when it comes to using cosmetic supplies to look their best, but many actually want to know if men should also wear make up to look their finest.
Men in general do not need make up in order to look good; in fact, no one should actually need to rely make up in order to believe that they look good. In some cases, however, men are almost told to put it on in order to appear to be attractive. These cases are normally for men who are heavily included in the media.

Actors are daily swooned with talented make up artists who paint, brush, and contour cosmetics materials onto their faces and bodies until they look as good as the media wants them to. In order to play a role in movies, or even sometimes to be in a short television commercial, men often have to apply light to heavy make up on their faces in order to make them “appeal to the crowd”.
Normal and ordinary men, however, do not need make up to look attractive. If the man himself feels that he needs make up to go to an event, then he can do whatever he wants to enhance his own natural features. Men should not be shunned for wearing make up, it is a normal thing to do, but men should not be forced into thinking that they need it in order appear to be “attractive” to people. It should be all up to the man, who is the wearer of the make up, not the people who want him to wear it.

Overall, men should wear make up to look attractive if he wishes to do so, just like women; and just like women, no one should be told to wear it just to look their best.


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