Funny Chainsaw Wake Up Prank


The threatening sound of a fake chainsaw is sometimes what you need to wake up. The fake chainsaw prank is a recently released video which has already gone viral. It is an extremely funny video that will force you laugh laud . Pranks are live jokes which are literally played on real people with real situations. Although most prank situations are reversible, non-permanent and light hearten , they can really thrill the both the victim and witnesses. While some people think that pranks are highly mischievous, these jokes are the most practical tricks ever.

In the chainsaw wake up prank, the victim has to bear with the embarrassment, discomfort and perplexity of an unbearable threat. The fat American man is having a comfortable sleep during daytime amid loud music when it all happens. Sometimes people get comfortable with loud music and sleep as though everything was quiet. This man never notices the door opening or even the prank guys getting into the room carrying a loud chainsaw. He moves on with his sleep until his dream turns into horror.


Most horrific pranks are life threatening but full of fun. When you realize that you have been fooled, a mixture of anger and relaxation covers your body as you acknowledge the reality that life is still normal. You feel bad for being a victim of circumstances. Unlike other forms of jokes, pranks do not use any verbal or written expressions to make fun. It’s a reality show where one is literally bullied into a live situation without or on camera. The joker brings the chain saw close to his friend stomach and drives it loudly . A series of events happen within a fraction of a second. The fat man does not take time to understand what is happening. In stead, he is shocked out of his sleep, opens his eyes and starts kicking aggressively while still on bed.  He then throws away his bed sheets and gets out of bed as quickly as he can. When he realizes that it was a joke, he tries to get back to sleep but the embarrassment forces him to stand up confused and silent. The chainsaw bearer rushes out of the house while bystanders crack with laughter and fun.

While pranks seek to capture the victim’s reaction when the joke is thrown, the victim has no premeditated thoughts and can react in any way possible. Some people can even faint with shock while others can grow aggressive but funny . The joker has to take the necessary precautions to moderate the situation. Once the joke has been played, he as to incorporate a situation that will return the victim back to his senses as soon as possible. Sometimes prank can easily turn tragic if things don’t run as panned. The player is tactical and quick. He brings the saw very close to the victim’s stomach but skilfully avoids his kicking legs and flying hands.



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