12 Things That Slow Your Metabolism


The various things that slow down your metabolism
Metabolism is a very important reaction that occurs in every human being’s system. It helps the system to structure itself well and to digest food in an appropriate manner. It also helps to burn out calories and reduce or check any weight issues. All this is possible as long as metabolism is done in a good fast rate to keep your body healthy and free from certain illnesses. There are many things that slow down metabolism rates. They range from not having a proper meal to not doing enough exercise to hasten metabolism rates. Good health is an important aspect in any one’s life. A fast metabolism rate increases chances of good health and with proper food, natural diets and the right kind of meal, your weight can be properly checked and it helps to burn calories as well.

1. Not eating consistently
A proper and consistent meal is really important. Eating meals which contain different amounts of calories at irregular intervals has been known to reduce your metabolism. It is important to make sure your body adjusts to meals of same calories at specific moments on a consistent basis. This helps a lot to increase metabolism.

2. Not doing exercises
Proper exercise has been known to improve on your health status. Exercises, especially during the morning fastens the heart rate and helps you burn a lot of calories, this eventually increases your metabolism rate and helps you keep fit.

3. Drinking water containing chlorine
Water that contains chlorine or any other chemicals for that matter for treatment reduces your metabolism completely. It can actually make it fail completely. The chlorine affects your system in a way and it causes a lot of slowing down in your system. It is advisable to just drink filtered water.

4. Failing to have enough hours of sleep
Enough rest and sleep is very important for hastening metabolism. When you don’t get enough sleep it means you wake up feeling lazy and you conserve energy. The energy you conserve only prevents you from burning calories which in turn only leads you to slowing down your metabolism. Enough sleep is important so as to have energy to burn calories the following day.

5. Eating very little food
Consumption of enough food takes in calories and helps you to match energy requirements. When you eat less, you automatically signal to your mind that the body is starved and it needs food. This just slows your metabolism rate.
6. Not taking in enough protein
In as much as food is really important, make sure it contains enough proteins. Proteins help to burn calories by a big percentage and it eventually increases metabolism.

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7. Not getting enough vitamin D
Vitamin D helps to increase metabolism. Many people prefer not to get too much heat from the sun, which is very important. The sun’s heat rays are important for metabolism because they provide vitamin D which is a key mineral for the body.

8. Sitting for too long
Sitting for too long despite any physical activity you may be undertaking is not advisable at all. It just slows down metabolism rates and it also increases the risks of getting other life threatening diseases. So whenever possible, it is important to move around.

9. Not drinking water
Dehydration burns fewer calories. It also slows down your body’s system in such a fast rate. It is important to drink a lot of water even when you don’t feel like it.

10. Failing to eat breakfast
When you don’t take breakfast you end up eating a lot during lunch. This then conserves your energy and you end up burning fewer calories. Breakfast is a very important meal, Important than any other and so you should never skip it for anything as it helps to keep you healthy.

11. Drugs
Drugs for certain diseases and ailments reduce metabolism. As much as most people can’t do without them, it should be noted they slow down your body’s system.
12. Taking too much acid and toxic diets
These things reduce your metabolism completely. They interfere with the body’s system and cause the body to increase weight significantly. So they should be avoided at all costs.
It is important to keep your metabolism rates high so as to stay healthy. As you have seen, eating the right meal is of importance and watching your weight is also important.



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