What are healthy alternative pizza toppings ?


Pizza is arguably a very popular food the world over. The Italian dish, made out of a crust and cheese, is mouth-watering and many will never miss an opportunity to eat pizza when the chance presents itself. However, the pizza is associated with the addition of body fats and other health related discomforts and complications in the long run. Most of the people keen on losing weight, reducing their body fats or generally want to observe a healthy diet and lead a healthy lifestyle, will not classify pizza among other healthy food. With a little adjustment to the crust and cheese that make up pizza, one can have pizza that does not pose a threat to healthy living. Moreover, one can replace pizza toppings with other well-balanced toppings to achieve their goal of healthy food.

Nutritional pizza toppings
There are a number of highly nutritious pizza toppings that one might consider in the event they are keen on healthy food. Such existing alternatives will cut down on the amount of fats and calories ingested while acting as rich sources of other nutrients and minerals. Some ten of these alternative nutritional toppings are outlined here.

Ham is low in fat and high in protein. With lower fat quantities than a number of foods, it will provide the body with just the amount of fat that is required.

Low-fat cheese
Cheese is one of the most common toppings on pizza. Some people actually go as far as adding extra cheese. For those who must have their pizza with cheese, low-fat cheese presents a very good alternative, as it will keep the fat levels low.

They are famous for being considered the most nutritious vegetables. Putting these veggies on top of pizza will add more vitamins and minerals, making for healthy food.

Pineapple has been topped with pizza before and is still used as topping in many places. The fruit is rich in vitamins, will improve eyesight, and boost the immune system as well. It will also give a fruitful and delicious taste to the pizza.

Some people may not like spinach on top of their pizza, but this is the most nutritional pizza topping one can find. The vitamins found in spinach increase the effectiveness of blood clotting. In fact, spinach is always recommended anytime the body needs additional vitamin K.

Extra Tomato Source
This is a good way to support one’s cause of healthy diet that leads to healthy living. While adding flavor to the pizza, extra tomato sauce as pizza topping contains lycopene and may prevent against cancers of the lungs, stomach and the prostate gland.

Supreme Pizza lifted slice 3

Mushroom is known for healthy soups taken with food. However, it can also be used as pizza topping. Mushrooms will boost both nutrition and flavor of the pizza. They would as well be recommendable to males as they also prevent prostate cancer that occurs in males.

Parmesan cheese
This can definitely be used in place of regular cheese. Parmesan cheese is high in protein and calcium and lower in fat than regular cheese. As much as it will not taste and look like regular cheese, it definitely provides more nutritional value. For that reason, it is an option for those seeking healthy food.

Diced chicken
Many pizza outlets offer this as a pizza topping that can be requested by their customers. It is thus advisable as well that those preparing pizzas on their own, consider this as an alternative to commonly used toppings. It is a reliable protein source that will cut on fat intake.

Crushed garlic adds flavor to a number of foods. As such, it can as well be used in preparation of pizza. Crushed garlic will help risk the chances of contracting heart disease by promoting good cholesterol levels. This makes it one of the best alternatives to regular pizza toppings.

With the various options available here, among many others that have not been mentioned, one does not need to avoid pizza when he or she seeks healthy foods, or want to be lean. Therefore, every individual can still enjoy their pizza, their health goals notwithstanding, as long as they make the necessary adjustments to the crust and toppings of their meal. Acquiring little knowledge is very important.




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