20 Valentine Gift Ideas For Her


Valentine is a day when lovers celebrate their love together. This day not only commemorates their love but it shows a willingness to stay committed or get committed. There are numerous way of ensuring that the special day is memorable for you and your significant other. Ladies usually look forward to this day so men should amply prepare themselves for it as well.

Here are some ideas to try out this time:
1. Cook Dinner– The task of cooking is usually left to the lady. For a change, prepare a warm hearty meal for her during this special day.

2. Take Her Out to Dine– A better alternative to cooking is taking her for a treat to an elegant restaurant in town. Book in advance to avoid disappointments.

3. Send Flowers to Work– There is no better way to show that you love your woman than publicly. Sending flowers to her while she is still in work is a great way of doing this.

4. Visit Her at Work– An even better idea than sending flowers to her workplace is showing up in person. Surprise her with a gift as well.

5. Surprise Her with a Trip– A weekend gateway will definitely do the both of you some good. When planning the trip, keep it a surprise.

6. Make Something– Do something out of the ordinary in 2014. Use your creativity to make a scarf, vase, pottery or anything else that she might like.

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7. Compile Pictures– A picture frame collage is a great idea indeed. Also, you can compile the photos on a CD.

8. Give Her a Spa Treat– Women love to be pampered. Taking her to a spa will give her some time to unwind.

9. Organize a Massage– No one can say no to a massage. Get her a massage treat to one of the best parlors. You can even accompany her and enjoy some quality time together.

10. Compose a Poem– Try to put together some romantic words for the special occasion. You need not compose a professional poem; it’s the thought that normally counts.

11. Sing Her a Love Song– Who cares about your cracked voice? Well, if others do, chances are that she will not. You can even take her out to karaoke and use the opportunity to sing.

12. Paint a Picture– Again, your artistic skills don’t really matter. Just take some paints, brushes and a canvas. Paint a portrait of the Valentine Day feeling.

13. Organize the House– Make sure that she comes home to find a serene setting. Clean the house, do the dishes and put everything else in its proper place.

14. Take Her to Work– In case your significant other usually drives herself to work daily, offer to take her on this day. Pick her up as well.

15. Striptease– This is one of the best gifts ever. Get some fresh pair of boxers, learn a few striptease moves and wow her when she comes home. You can even call her and Skype with her while giving her a preview of what to expect later on.

16. Spray Sheets With Perfume– This is a romantic way of getting her into the mood for the special day. You can also take some red rose petals and spread them over the bed. Throw down a few on the floor as well.

17. Prepare a Bath– In case she’s a hard and long worker, a sweet bath is bound to do her some good. Show your love and affection to her by preparing a bath when she gets home. Have everything ready including: Warm water, scrubs, oils and even magazines.

18. Light Candles– Lighting candles all over the house will surely help your woman to unwind. Get some scented candles and place them strategically around the house. The romantic mood will create a memorable experience.

19. Take a Shower Together– Make sure that you scrub her back while doing so. This is an excellent gift not only for her but for the both of you. You’ll be able to clean up while enjoying each other company in the shower.

20. Purchase Some Tickets– It really doesn’t matter where the tickets will take you. It may be to a movie, a concert or even to the museum. This will work like magic since you’ll have plenty of time to spend together as a couple.




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