10 Tips to Maximize Your Bathroom Space


Other than closets, the bathrooms are the smallest rooms in a home. Unfortunately you have to use the small space to accomplish a lot of tasks. Your small bathroom can live large if you design it with care. You need to choose the right fixtures, materials and fittings to accomplish this. Also thoughtful planning of the space and an emphasis scale is key. With the right ideas you can make the most out of your compact bathroom.
1O Tips to Maximize your Bathroom Space;
1. Choose a Monochromatic Color Scheme; Your compact bathroom can feel larger depending on the color you choose and how much natural light illuminates in the space. One color does not mean you cannot use different shades of that color. You can can accomplish the goal by using hues of one color. Use soft, neutral tones, they are perfect for this. Use white if you can be able to keep it clean, it will make your compact bathroom space feel largest.

2. Use Smaller Fixtures;If the space in your bathroom is inadequate, you may consider replacing some of the fixtures with smaller ones, this will save space and it will give you room to maneuver. In a compact half bathroom replace a vanity sink with a cabinet with a pedestal sink. It looks gorgeous and it will save space.

3. Use Adjustable Lighting to Create a Multifunctional Bathroom;A space limited to only one function may feel smaller than it is. For instance if you only have a single overhead light in your bathroom, you will only use it for utilitarian tasks and then leave. If you add a dimmer switch to the lighting fixture, n you can get ready for the day in the morning, and relax in the shower or tub in the evening.

4. Utilize The Space Above the Doorway for Storage;The space above the door way is usually vacant, you can install storage shelves in that space, Use the storage space for storage of cleaners and extra toilet paper, this will free up valuable storage area below the sink.

5.Use a Glass Enclosure at the Shower Area;The shower curtains separate your bathroom visually. A glass enclosure that creates a subtle visual divider between the shower area and the mail area is a better option.To add privacy you can use a glass enclosure with a frosted pattern, this will add privacy and create an illusion of space.

Bad Design

6. Use Modern Fixtures;You can make your small bathroom space to look bigger than life. When selling a home, bathrooms have a huge resale value,therefore updating your bathroom fixtures is a worthy investment. Your bathroom may feel small due to boring and out of date fixtures, replace them with bronze, brushed chrome or copper fixtures. You can also create a wow effect by opting for vessel sinks placed on granite counter tops. You will enjoy spending time in your bathroom when it feels luxurious.

7. Use Large Floor Tiles in a Small Bathroom;When choosing your floor tiles, select larger units and patterns that are subtle. A floor with less breaking floor lines equates to to less chopping with your eyes. Larger tiles create an illusion of a larger space.8. Use Mirrors to Add Space and Reflect Light;Mirrors can hung in decorative frames to resemble artwork or they can take an entire wall. when choosing the mirrors for your bathroom, consider the subject that will be reflected. Mirrors that are across a window will reflect scenery and light. Mirrors come in etched to add visual interest.

9. Maximize the Vertical Space;If your bathroom offers enough space to add vertical storage, then do it. Walls that are above 7 feet are usually wasted as empty areas. You can use the vertical storage to store bathroom cleaners,sprays, and toiletries.Have the cabinetry built up to the ceiling. You can also add decorations and splashes of color above the mirrors and the cabinetry.By adding color you will cause the eye to go up and therefore enlarge the bathroom feel and space.

10. Maximize the floor space with minimum obstruction;In compact bathrooms, trash can,scales and laundry hampers create obstructions and utilize valuable space that could be used to maneuver around the bathroom. House this items else where to save space.



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