Top 10 Best Social Sharing Plugins For WordPress


Social sharing options are very valuable for any blog. Social networking site can help you increase the traffic to your blog in addition to better Google author ranking. It is very important for you to install social sharing plugins for WordPress as well as social sharing widgets onto your website. The following is a list of the top 10 plugins for social sharing on WordPress. These best social plugins are handpicked since they are deemed the most flexible, stable, usable and just plain handy for a wide range of use instances. All of them are applicable to virtually any kind of WordPress website.



ShareBar is one of the best wp plugins and is a very versatile plugin. ShareBar plugin adds a dynamic and completely customizable vertical box onto the left side of a blog post. This box contains buttons/links to popular social media networks including Twitter, Facebook, Digg, Google Buzz and a standard Email button. You can customize its background, color, margin, border, order of the buttons and more. It positioning on the side of posts instead of at the bottom or top, improves visibility for visitors reading the posts, especially because it moves along with the viewport as one scrolls. Its only downside is that it supports only a limited number of services.


This is a more stylized WordPress sharing plugin which incorporates options for plenty of different social networks. Included is the analytics information, uses the Share API, official support for the Google’s URL shortener, referral channels and has been localized to over 15 languages. It is a break-away from the conventional buttons in a box bookmarking tool. This social media sharing tool can be placed at the bottom of the posts, index or pages. In addition, it has a cool floating effect.


Socialize creates social sharing buttons which include sharing counts. It works with Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Digg and other services. Socialize offers a simple way to add actionable social networking bookmarks to the content of your posts or at the bottom of the posts in a call-to-action box. You can add small messages with these buttons. The buttons can be customized to the required size like tall, small and big. You can also edit the border and background of the social sharing plugins. The fact that buttons can be placed either in your post, at the footer, or elsewhere is a great advantage for Socialize.


This is a button based sharing plugin which is easy to use and non-intrusive, both from the visitor and the blog owner’s perspective. It incorporates lots of services ranging from popular to the ones that you might never have heard of. They are arranged in a way that the most popular ones show up on the initial hover, with extra click needed to show the rest. In addition, it includes both email and bookmarking features. AddToAny also integrates an options panel which allows one to customize which services you need to include and how the button will appear, including the color scheme. This feature makes it much more user friendly especially to those users who want to integrate it fully into their website without having to get into the code.


ShareThis plugin allows users to share content through Email, Twitter, Facebook, Google +1, Send, Like and much more. This is one of the most resourceful plugins on this list and it has gained massive popularity in recent years. One can configure ShareThis to display share bottoms in various ways, including one icon, a series of buttons or icons or a series of widgets having the number of re tweets or shares displayed. There is plenty of options to select from, for instance the button type. The registered ShareThis publishers gain access to a variety of tracking reports and see how much their posts content is being shared.


This is an all-in-one sharing bar which offers you plenty of customization options. For instance, you get to add a hovering sharing bar onto the left side of a normal bar or your posts either at the top or bottom of your posts with the option of big or small buttons. DiggDigg WordPress plugin has been recently updated and currently allows display of newer social networking features such as Pinterest, Sphinn and Designbump in addition to the popular social sharing buttons such as Facebook Share, Twitter, Linkedln, Digg and Google +1. Other features include right or left scrolling effect.


Sociable is a popular free social plugin with a premium version, Sociable Pro. The Pro version has a number of additional functionality enhancements over the free version. It is worth paying for especially due to the ability to make use of your custom icons. This makes it a very attractive social networking plugin and enables it to easily integrate directly with your website while maintaining ease of using the plugin.


This is  also one of best  plugin that  help you to socialize your blog or website . It allows you to easily configure and manage social media box. It has been professionally designed and displays buttons in an elegant manner. It is customizable and can be easily integrated into your pages. Lots of options are available including placement positioning, slider or floating icons and hovering feature. You also get technical support and PSD files if you want to alter images or design.


SocialFluid a great tool as it is the only one that can display a zooming effect when the share buttons are hovered over, very similar to how Mac’s Dock works. One gets access to several features such as configuring links that can be opened in new tabs and customizable CSS style.


Another amazing analytics plugin is the AddThis Social Bookmarking widget. It include both robust analytics as well as sharing tools so that you can track how your blog content is being shared. There is a large directory of services to select from with deep Facebook and Twitter integration. AddThis includes an automatic translation service to over 70 languages. It allows any visitor to share and bookmark your website easily with more than 330 popular services according to your needs. AddThis has dynamic personalization options and so users can see the right options at the proper times.



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