Promote The Horror Movie DEVIL’S DUE With Real Prank


A Demonic Baby Springs Out From the Carriage to Promote “Devils Due”

People who regularly stroll through Manhattan have seen it all, so to pull off a prank that actually think is funny or gets their attention would require a stroke of genius. All you need, as it turns out, is a remote controlled baby carriage and an animatronic scary demon baby. What’s the result of this recipe for a prank? This video of the prank is promoting the upcoming movie “Devil’s Due”, and it’s on it’s way to going viral.

Only bad or weird people would spawn a demon baby, right? Well, not always, apparently. Zach and Samantha, the main characters in the movie ” Devil’s Due” were a match made in heaven that became the unwilling parents to a fiend from hell. The story begins as the attractive couple go on their honeymoon in the Dominican Republic. Everything was hunky dory except for that weird eerie feeling they had one morning when they couldn’t remember anything front he night before. But really, why let one little thing like that ruin your honeymoon?

How about an unexpected child? Samantha and Zach are welcomed home to the surprise of an “oops baby”. They had no idea that missed opportunities for career advancement and sufficient time to ease into their domestic life would be the least of their problems.

Poor Zach, he hardly had time to play the husband role and already he has to live with the dramatic mood swings of a pregnant lady. But, heck, being such a swell guy as he is, he decides to do what he can to get perspective. After all, these are the important live changing events in life that shouldn’t be forgotten, and he loves his Samantha.


While he’s documenting the pregnancy, he notices some odd things, funny at first but slowly becoming more and more scary. I think we can all understand why Zach wanted to put the camera down when his formally Vegetarian woman started ravaging the mean aisle in the grocery store, tearing away at meat like a wild animal. How embarrassing!

Zach searches for clues which lead him to dig out his honeymoon videos. He remembers again that morning they woke up on their honeymoon when neither of them couple recall a thing. Watching the footage for the first time since they returned from the honeymoon, he sees odd things interspersed with the romantic sweet nothings of their former happy couple existence. He also mysteriously gets a hold of some additional footage from hidden cameras.

As it turns out, it seems they were drugged and kidnapped. As if that wasn’t bad enough, it turns out they also had demonic rituals performed on them. Oh, my! Could this be why the beautiful Samantha’s skin now looked like a zombie with chicken pox? Could this be why she went from perky to downright narcoleptic? Nicely played, demonic kidnappers, nicely played.

Back to that sick, but funny prank in Manhattan. Oh, the things people will do when a life-like demon baby pops out at them from a self propelled old fashion looking baby buggy. Even for the most hardened and not so easily impressed New Yorkers, red-eyed blinking babies are not something you see every day. To makes things even more fun, demon baby makes scary and funny baby sounds to entice his victims then pops up with a spinning head which occasionally spews out projectile vomit.

The youtube video of this “Devil’s Due” movie promotion shows people screaming, crying, and laughing. Others nonchalantly pass by, unaffected as they have seen scarier things than that in New York City. It’s simply hilarious to see the baby carriage rolling by people on the sidewalk while the hidden camera films. The surprise element never gets old, especially when you throw in a demon baby.

Pranks for no reason are great, but pranks with a purpose are another level. You have to give them credit for pulling off the difficult to achieve simultaneously funny and scary combo. Pretty sick and actually, quite talented.

This is hands down got to be the one of the most clever of this type that anyone’s seen in a while. It’s proof that low budget movies don’t need to spend a lot for advertising to get people’s attention.



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