10 Foods That Can Help You Sleep Better


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Are you having trouble falling asleep? Sleep is a natural body reflex system which takes over whenever you relax or express a desire to sleep. The reflex is controlled from the human brain and plays an important role in helping us relax and recollect. It is very common for some people have problems sleeping the whole night continuously while others take hours lying on the bed before they can fall asleep. You probably need to change your diet since sleep is directly connected to the meals you eat. There are several foods that can help you fall asleep faster or even improve your sleep quality.


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© Africa Studio – Fotolia.com

Almonds contain magnesium which helps promote muscle relaxation and sleep. They contain brain relaxation elements which help the mind in settling down. They are also rich in proteins that help keep the level of blood sugar stable during sleep; which promotes sleep quality by preventing adrenaline alerts. An almond butter spoonful or an ounce of almonds is a sure way to relax well during sleep.


Healthy Green Tea

Although caffeine increases alertness and keeps you from sleep, some decaf varieties such as Chamomile and green tea to the direct opposite. They help promote relaxation and sleep. Taking one cup of decaf green tea can trigger a good long sleep. Hot green tea also reliefs cold, and hence relaxing the respiratory system, which in turn leads to better sleep.

3.Miso soup

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© Printemps – Fotolia.com

The broth-based Japanese soup, Miso soup contains amino acids which boost melatonin production. Melatonin is a natural hormone that induces yawns. When taken hot, miso soup also helps relief common cold, prompting a high quality sleep.


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© Giuseppe Porzani – Fotolia.com

Bananas are very popular fruits which are very essential in sleep. They contain high content of potassium and magnesium, which are essential in muscle relaxation. Bananas also contain traces of tryptophan which normally convert to melatonin and serotonin, which are very essential for brain calming. A banana can be blended with a cup of soy milk before bedtime. It can be eaten as a bedtime snack or an after-fruit.



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© stitchik – Fotolia.com

Oatmeal is warm, easy to prepare, soft, inexpensive, soothing and nourishing. T his recipe is reach in meals in magnesium, phosphorous, calcium, potassium and silicon. Although this meal could have too much sugar which should not be taken just before sleep, topping up with fruits such as bananas will deliver excellent results.

6.Hard cooked eggs

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© monticellllo – Fotolia.com

Most simple carbs normally place you on a sugar roller coaster, dropping your blood sugar level as you sleep. This triggers your adrenaline to trigger to alarm to wake you up very early in the morning before you have had enough sleep. Hard cooked eggs, cheese and nuts are rich in proteins which help you fall and stay asleep the whole night.


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© Printemps – Fotolia.com

Dairy products such as milk, cheese and yoghurt contain a high level of tryptophan as well as a surprising sleep induction nutrient. The high level of calcium in dairy products is effective in reducing stress and stabilizing nerve fibers. Dairy products are readily available in most countries and are not expensive. Serving your favorite yoghurt flavor before bedtime will help you fall into a deep sleep.

8.Edamame bean

If you want to take a salty snack before you sleep, a lightly salted edamame plate is an appropriate choice especially if you have menopause related symptoms. Edamame contains several natural estrogen-like compounds which are very beneficial in reducing night-time flashes. Edamame recipes are easy to make and hence can be used as appropriate sleep tools.


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© HLPhoto – Fotolia.com

Cherry juice is an effective way to fall asleep anytime, whether during the day or at night. Tart cherries boost supply of melatonin which is used by people suffering from insomnia. Taking several cherry fruits before bedtime or a glass of the cherry juice makes you sleepy and stress-free.


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© Pixelot – Fotolia.com

Cereals can either be maize extracts, wheat extracts or rice products. If you feel really hungry before bedtime, you can have a bowl of cereals which has low sugar and whole grains. Topping up the corn meal with some milk or dairy product provides the needed proteins for your body sleep. Cereals may also help you develop sleep snooze. Carbon carbohydrate rich foods normally increase tryptophan presence in our bloodstreams which also induce the sleepy effect.


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