Brisbane Asia Pacific Screen Awards


Asia Pacific Screen Awards commonly known as APSA is an international cultural event initiated by Brisbane City Council in Australia, with an aim of honoring and promoting the films, directors, actors, and Asia-Pacific cultures to the global audience.

Since it was started, it has been among the most attended events in the world by people.The main objective of the event is promote at the same time preserve diverse cultures by using the influence of film as a medium.

Since the first event was started in the year the 2007, the number of participants has increased over the years. During the event, an independent jury is incorporated to determine the winners in the respective film categories. Since the event of film festival started, the growth rate of film has grown over many years as many now can access and grow their talent in the industry within these Pacific countries.

APSA is responsible for taking the works of many filmmakers in over seventy countries within areas across the Asia-Pacific region to even new international audiences. Through Brisbane Asia Pacific Film Festival, many categories in the film industry has been started in most of the member countries.

In addition, all nominees are inducted automatically into the Asia Pacific Screen Academy. This will enable them grow their talents to be among the excellent Asia-Pacific filmmakers body. With the trend, the rate of growth of the film industry has been amazing in these countries leading to an increase in the level of job creation for the people who have the talent in film. This has led to a massive growth in the film industry.

Asia Pacific Screen Awards is always submitted in the following four film categories:

  • Feature Film
  • Documentary Feature Film
  • Animation Feature Film
  • Children’s Feature Film

In conclusion, the above information should give you an overview of Asia Pacific Screen Awards.


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