PlayStation 4 or Xbox One : Which game console to buy this year


The war for the next generation game console is officially on. Evidently the dust is yet to settle. Probably the uproar about which game console is the best is not likely to end, at least not soon. Notable developments brings us the X-box One and the PlayStation 4 to the table. Which is better is acceptably arguable, but the two are playing a pretty similar console. They sure do the same. Microsoft and Sony are gushing out considerable efforts to attract gamers. This comes with promises of great game play streaming, and pretty video games. But who is going to win the living room space battle?

In terms of price it has proved challenging to acquire either of the game consoles. The PlayStation 4 goes for $399.99 vs a whopping $499.99 for the Xbox One. The prices are a little scare to some of us but be it, there is lot more to consider. if I had to choose one, I’d buy the PlayStation 4. It’s cheaper and the Sony’s exclusive games are more admirable than Microsoft’s.

The extra $ 100 for Xbox one however, is for the inclusion of Kinect 2.0. This version works better than its predecessors. Kinect has muscle tracking capabilities and as thus it is gaining popularity in senior homes and physical rehabilitation and therapy centers. Whether you need it is another question altogether.

One of the major differences between the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 is that the Xbox wants to take control of your TV. Xbox One has a HDMI-in port which you can attach to your favorite HDMI devices. A fun of live TV? You can plug your cable box output into the back of the Xbox one and do all your TV watching through the Xbox. The Kinect voice commands can be used to browse the channel listings. Additionally the Kinect can lower the volume and even turn the TV on or off which is pretty sweet when taking dinner while watching. This maybe makes it worth the extra dime.

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Functionality and power
PlayStation 4 and Xbox one are very similar pieces of hardware, and the question about which one has power is obviously bound to come up. The PlayStation 4 has more power behind it in terms of the physical graphical peripherals. Does this really matter? You should not decide the Xbox off on this. There is a hypothetical possibility that however how nice a video game might look on one platform the difference in experience can be negligible. But for those lovers of heavy graphics then PlayStation 4 is your console.

The PlayStation 4 comes with extra functionality, it has a remote play feature. While connected to the same Wi-Fi network the remote play feature lets you play your PlayStation content on the PlayStation vita handled.

Another makeover on side of Sony’s video game console is the dramatic developments of Dual-shock 4. It is another leg over the Xbox One. The DS4 is a large, click-able and a multi-touch enabled pad that works very well. The DS4 has a share button taking game play broadcasting to the next level. Arguably however, Xbox one has its own superior innovation in line. The game pad has rumble triggers for that pretty video game capability.

The size of the two consoles is comparable too. The PlayStation 4 is smaller than the Xbox one. More space will be needed to accommodate the Xbox One especially with its external peripherals. This however does not have an impact on their performance.

Unless the two blue chip game console makers are not going to acquire exclusive rights of games to preclude a game from being played on the other console, then plenty of good video games are coming. This is going to heighten experience of users on both platforms. Assassin’s creed 4: Black flag and Battlefield 4 are the best games available on both consoles.

PlayStation 4 will be absolutely a good match for those gamers who love popular traditional games like Need for Speed. As of now NFS Rivals video game is available for the PS4. This is one of the most gorgeous and enjoyable game available. It makes a great showcase for new gaming hardware. Other popular games on the PS4 are; Injustice: Gods Among Us a superhero fighting game, Doki Doki Universe- a game about a robot trying to learn about being human, Resogun-a launch game that displays the gaming capabilities of the PS4 successfully among others.

So there are those games available on the xbox one that make it the platform of choice. There is Forza 5- this is a must buy Xbox one must buy video game, a driving game similar to Need for Speed Rivals. Both games are fantastic and offer diametrically different experiences. Other pretty games on the Xbox to consider are; Call of duty: Ghosts a superior Multiplayer game, and Dead Rising 3- a launch game offering substantial adventures.

As a matter of fact the Xbox one and PlayStation 4 are not just the next generation game consoles, they are this generation’s game consoles and whichever reigns the generation is what the war is all about.


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