10 Ways to Break Bad Eating Habits


For many people across the world, eating habits are closely associated with their daily lifestyles. For instance, some people cannot eat while doing other activities like reading. Many people also eat in response to certain external and internal stimuli such as loneliness, boredom, anxiety, anger, or fatigue. Bad eating habits are very difficult to break, and the only sure way to overcome them is coming up with new eating habits through consistency.

Pulling out such behaviors and completing resisting a habit that that had become part of your day-to-day life is extremely difficult. However, with consistency and determination, you can easily develop new good eating habits. Especially, if you are looking forward to dropping some of your body weight, it is very important that you practice good eating habits.

The following tips and strategies can really help you overcome the heavy burden of bad eating habits.

1. Make sure that you eat at least 4 meals in a day __ which should be spaced about four to three hours apart. This is very important as it keeps your general body metabolism high. You must also cease from the habit of skipping breakfast. In addition, make sure that you eat an equal amount of food or make sure that you decrease you progressively decrease the portion of the food each time you eat.

2. Eat slowly and be sure to put down your fork and spoon when chewing food __  Also, ensure that that you chew the food at least ten times and then swallow it before picking up the fork and the spoon.

3. Settle in very cool place at home or in the office and enjoy all your food from there until you are satisfied __ This is very important; as it will help, you avoid mindless eating in the kitchen and snacking. Avoid eating while walking as it is not healthy.

4. Eat mindfully __ If you are eating, it is very important that you avoid doing other activities such as working, talking, watching television, or conversing over the phone. When you talk as you eat, you can easily be chocked with food. Just concentrate on the food you are eating alone.

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5. Do not store your food anywhere in the house if not in the kitchen __ Keeping food in easily accessible places encourages snacking and mindless eating. Therefore, always make sure that you do not store your food on the counters and other places that you can easily access. For instance, put them away in the cupboards.

6. Before buying any type of food, make sure that you have a plan to guide you throughout your shopping __ But most importantly, make sure that you stick to the shopping plan. In addition, keep off from buying junk foods, instead, buy healthy foods that can keep you fit all through, and foster weight loss.

7. It is very important to keep the serving dishes away in the kitchen especially when you are eating a family meal __ Do not place the dishes in the middle of the table as they might encourage unnecessary overeating, which is not healthy for your general body fitness and weight loss.

8. Some people are conditioned to using big plates when eating , which is not good as it encourages overeating __ Instead of using big plates, use smaller plates. Research shows that when a small portion of food is served in a small plate, it appears bigger and can easily help in avoiding overeating.

9. Make sure that you do not clear everything on the plate when eating. Some are used to eating until they see their plates clear __ Try as much as possible to leave a small quantity of food on the plate every time you have a meal. By doing this you can easily curb overeating.

10. If you find it hard to change your bad eating habits, it is important that you seek help from other people who possess good eating qualities __ Try as much you can to find a friend or a relative who is willing to correct you each time you go wrong. For instance, you can ask your friend to pinch you each time you clear all the food on the plate. With time, you will find yourself doing these things on your own.

Breaking from bad eating habits will take you time, but you need to be determined and focused in everything that you do, if you must come out successful.


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